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“Wonderful product, can’t recommend it highly enough. You make your money back in, like, a day. It’s really a no-brainer to use ParkMyCloud.”
TJ Victor, Systems Administrator, Incentive Technology Group
“To me, the magic is that the platform empowers the end user to make decisions for the betterment of the business.”
Kurt Brochu, Senior Manager of Cloud Enablement Team, Sysco
March 2018
“ParkMyCloud is clearly best in class.”
Todd Morgan, Senior Systems Engineer, Cofense
November 2018
“ParkMyCloud is saving us time and sanity all over the place, and it just works.”
Steve Scott, Cloud Infrastructure Manager, Dealer-FX
June 2018
“We honestly couldn’t be happier with ParkMyCloud – it has very much become a part of the infrastructure we rely on day-to-day.”
Patrick McMaster, Solutions Architect, Hitachi ID Systems
June 2018
“The return on investment is huge!”
James LaRocque, Senior DevOps Engineer, Decision Resources Group
November 2018


Save Time and Money in 3 Important Ways:

Increase Scalability & Control

Manage multiple public cloud accounts while maintaining governance using team and role structures.

Save Time with Automation

Automate scheduled on/off times for your public cloud resources to save time and development resources.

Gain Visibility

Gain a single view of all your resources from multiple AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform accounts, across all regions, instance/VM types, and pricing options.

How to Stop Wasting Cloud Spend Today

The Cloud Waste Checklist

24 Proven Steps to Reduce Your Cloud Waste and Optimize Spend

The Cloud Waste Checklist

24 Proven Steps to Reduce Your Cloud Waste and Optimize Spend

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How it Works

Reduce Cloud Costs: Stop paying for idle cloud resources

Think of ParkMyCloud as a programmable on/off switch for your AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Alibaba Cloud instances – it simply turns them off when you do not need them.

1. Connect

Create a ParkMyCloud account – no credit card required – and connect to your cloud provider.

2. Manage

Discover and manage all your resources on a single page, across cloud providers.

3. Park

Click to automatically "park" (stop) and start resources based on your working hours - or let SmartParking recommend schedules based on your usage patterns.

Pricing Plans

Reduce cloud costs by up to 65% in just a few clicks

ParkMyCloud is available in the AWS Marketplace, which makes it easy for you to add ParkMyCloud directly to your AWS bill, with no additional procurement processes. It’s easy to get started — because of all the savings you'll get with ParkMyCloud, your bill will actually go down!

How We Reduce Cloud Costs

When you spin up a cloud resource in a public cloud provider such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or Alibaba Cloud, it is always running unless you specifically turn it off. Many non-production resources - such as development, testing, and staging - are only needed during a forty-to-sixty-hour work week. This means that if these resources are left running 24x7, 65% or more of spend on them is wasted.

With ParkMyCloud, it is simple to reduce cloud costs. With ParkMyCloud’s powerful yet easy-to-use scheduling tool and policy engine, you can automatically schedule your servers to turn off when they are not needed, such as on nights and weekends. Use the policy engine to automatically assign schedules based on tags, or use ParkMyCloud’s “SmartParking” recommendations to turn resources off based on your usage patterns.

In addition to automated scheduling to reduce cloud costs, ParkMyCloud helps with role-based access and user governance. When you connect your AWS, Azure, GCP, or Alibaba Cloud account to ParkMyCloud, you will see all resources in a single-view dashboard. Create users in ParkMyCloud, or authenticate users via federated single sign-on (SSO). Organize your users with teams and role structures. You can even add users outside of the cloud end-user group - such as Finance - to provide access to ParkMyCloud’s spending and savings reporting.

ParkMyCloud is easy to set up, requiring just 10 minutes to set up an account - with no integrations or installations. Try it now with a 14-day free trial.