About ParkMyCloud

What is ParkMyCloud?

ParkMyCloud, a Turbonomic company, provides a self-service SaaS platform that helps enterprises automatically identify and eliminate wasted cloud spend. More than 1,400 enterprises around the world – including Sysco, Workfront, Hitachi ID Systems, Sage Software, and National Geographic – trust ParkMyCloud to cut their cloud spend by tens of millions of dollars annually. ParkMyCloud allows enterprises to easily manage, govern, and optimize their spend across multiple public clouds.

Why ParkMyCloud?

Cloud usage is exploding. More than 90% of organizations will use cloud services this year, spending more than $50 billion on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from providers like AWS, Azure, and Google. 

This is way beyond what businesses need for growth. At least ⅓ of budget spent on public cloud infrastructure is completely wasted. That’s $17.6 billion per year down the drain, largely wasted on idle and oversized resources. 

By solving these problems, organizations can save hundreds of thousands of dollars per month, but it’s not easy.

That’s why we created ParkMyCloud: to automatically identify and eliminate wasted cloud spend. ParkMyCloud is the simple Enterprise SaaS solution for cloud cost optimization. 

The platform uses machine learning to find idle and oversized resources, and makes data-driven recommendations to schedule and resize them. Turn your utilization data into automated action with ParkMyCloud today.

The ParkMyCloud Mission:

Inspired by the success of “consumerized” business tools such as Dropbox and Slack, ParkMyCloud is part of a fast-growing breed of simplified, purpose-built SaaS applications designed to solve one problem (cloud cost reduction) very well, while:

  • Being extremely simple to implement and use;
  • Taking just minutes to set up;
  • Requiring no upfront costs or resources to integrate; and
  • Providing rapid payback – often under two months.

ParkMyCloud reviews sourced by



“In my role at Foster Moore I frequently need access to development and demonstration environments of our Catalyst product. We’ve configured the AWS environments I need to be easily accessible to me from my Park My Cloud (PMC) dashboard. I simply log in and ‘wake up’ the environment I need and presto it’s available for me. I can then put it back to sleep and not have to pay during the period…”


Justin H, Foster Moore



“ParkMyCloud helps my team drastically reduce AWS EC2 costs through smart scheduling and rightsizing. The ROI is tremendous and helps us focus our team’s efforts on cost savings (vs tedious metrics gathering).”


– Ryan H, Senior Cloud Architect



“The heat maps make it easy to rationalize VM utilization to assist in workload operation and business decisions to help reduce OPEX costs in cloud.”


Matt K, Cloud Engineer

ParkMyCloud is a leader in Cloud Cost Management on G2
ParkMyCloud is a leader in Cloud Cost Management on G2
ParkMyCloud is a leader in Cloud Cost Management on G2
ParkMyCloud is a leader in Cloud Cost Management on G2
ParkMyCloud is a leader in Cloud Cost Management on G2