Read This Before Writing Alibaba Cloud Automation Scripts

Writing Alibaba Cloud automation scripts to schedule start/stop times for non-production instances can be a good way to save money – but it is not the best way to save money. Once you take into account the time it takes to write and maintain scripts, developers´ salaries, and the potential late delivery of other core projects, it could actually cost you more than you save.

A better alternative to writing Alibaba Cloud automation scripts is off-the-shelf scheduling software for AliCloud. Although many developers will be of the mindset “we can build, so why buy”, there are some very good reasons to opt for scheduling software rather than writing scheduling scripts. These include (but are not limited to):

Never Miss an Instance

Scheduling software conducts a discovery of the business´s cloud resources and list them all on a single-view dashboard. System administrators get total visibility over their accounts to ensure every instance suitable for scheduling is scheduled.

Scheduling Recommendations

Rather than write Alibaba Cloud automation scripts based on developers´ working hours, scheduling software for AliCloud makes scheduling recommendations based on the hours non-production instances are actually used – maximizing savings.

Easy Access to Stopped Instances

When developers require access to an instance stopped by an automation script, the script has to be edited. With scheduling software, the schedule can be interrupted with the click of a mouse – and restarted again with another click of a mouse.

Eliminate Human Error

Scheduling software for AliCloud includes a feature that reactivates interrupted schedules after a period of inactivity. If your developer forgets to edit an automation script in order to restart a schedule, the instance will continue running – as will the costs.

What Else Can´t Alibaba Cloud Automation Scripts Do?

With regard to stopping and starting non-production instances, Alibaba Cloud automation scripts and scheduling software do pretty much the same thing (although scheduling software for AliCloud does it quicker, better and more cost-effectively). However, that is all Alibaba Cloud automation scripts can do, whereas scheduling software keeps on giving.

With scheduling software providing total visibility of the business´s cloud resources, system administrators can identify over-provisioned and under-provisioned resources to optimize costs and performance. Zombie resources can be terminated, while those that would less expensive to run in a subscription plan can be moved from a pay-as-you-go pricing plan.

Scheduling software for AliCloud also provides system administrators with the option of applying role-based access controls and creating policies to enhance accountability and security. With a wealth of reporting options and real-time activity monitoring available, complete governance of the business´s cloud accounts is just a click away. Alibaba Cloud automation scripts can´t do that!

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don´t

Scheduling software provides everything you need to control Alibaba Cloud costs and – unlike some cloud management software packages – nothing you don´t. Often cloud management software packages are padded out with unnecessary or duplicate features that businesses pay for, but never use. Like writing Alibaba Cloud automation scripts, they could cost you more than you save.

Typically, scheduling software will cut the cost of deploying non-production instances on Alibaba Cloud by 65% (based on an 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. midweek schedule) and – with indirect savings due to rightsizing, the termination of zombie resources and improved governance – often pay for itself within two months. However, if you are not sure whether it is the right solution for you, why not try it for free?

Speak with ParkMyCloud about Scheduling Software for AliCloud

ParkMyCloud is a lightweight app that saves hundreds of businesses millions of dollars every year by scheduling start/stop times for resources deployed on AWS, Azure and GCP. At present, we are in the process of developing our scheduling software to be compatible with Alibaba Cloud in order to save hundreds more businesses millions of dollars every year.

If you would like to be among the first to know when the development process is complete, stop writing Alibaba Cloud automation scripts and get in touch with us instead. Our Customer Services team will add your name to list of businesses already interested in scheduling software for AliCloud and, as soon as ParkMyCloud for AliCloud is ready, get back in touch with you to offer your company a free trail.