How to Reduce AliCloud Costs with an Alibaba ECS Scheduler

An Alibaba ECS scheduler is a lightweight app with which system admins can reduce AliCloud costs by scheduling start/stop times for non-production ECS instances – such as those used for development, testing and staging. As the following explanation shows, an Alibaba ECS scheduler is simple to use and can be configured to improve the governance of accounts and increase accountability.

The advantages that an Alibaba ECS scheduler has over manually starting and stopping instances are that it is more reliable than developers´ memories, more cost-effective than writing scheduling scripts, and more versatile than either alternative – as schedules can easily be interrupted with the click of a mouse to provide immediate access to instances whenever necessary (subject to admin policies).

How an Alibaba ECS Scheduler Works

In order to reduce AliCloud costs with an Alibaba ECS scheduler, you first have to create a permissions-limited credential for the app and allow it to conduct a discovery of the assets you have deployed on Alibaba Cloud. On conclusion of the discovery, a full list of assets is displayed across a single-view dashboard, with those that are suitable for scheduling highlighted by a small calendar icon.

By clicking on the icon, system admins get access to a selection of preconfigured schedules. They have the choice of applying any of the preconfigured schedules to any of the highlighted assets, or creating their own schedules via an intuitive time/date grid. Alternatively, system admins can use a function that makes recommendations about the most appropriate start/stop schedule for each asset.

A fourth option – one we call “permanent parking” – allows system admins to maximize savings by scheduling assets to be permanently stopped. This option is suitable for development teams that work irregular hours or in irregular patterns as the schedule is easy to interrupt when access is required and will restart automatically after a period of inactivity in the event developers forget to restart it manually.

How Much Does a Scheduler Reduce AliCloud Costs?

The amount by which an Alibaba ECS scheduler can reduce AliCloud costs varies according the stop/start schedules applied. Based on a schedule that starts non-production instances on weekdays at 9:00 a.m. and stops them again at 5:00 p.m., AliCloud costs could be reduced by as much as 76%. However, we appreciate many businesses work much longer hours, so we have compiled the following chart as a guide:

Reduce AliCloud Costs with an Alibaba ECS Scheduler
ScheduleStart TimeStop TimeHours SavedCosts Reduced by
Mon-Sun8.00 a.m.6.00 p.m.98 per week58%
Mon-Sun9.00 a.m.8.00 p.m.91 per week54%
Mon-Sat7.00 a.m.7.00 p.m.96 per week57%
Mon-Sat9.00 a.m.5.00 p.m.120 per week71%
Mon-Fri7.00 a.m.9.00 p.m.98 per week58%
Mon-Fri8.00 a.m.8.00 p.m.108 per week64%
Mon-Fri9.00 a.m.5.00 p.m.128 per week76%

These are not the only savings that can be achieved using an Alibaba ECS scheduler. System admins can apply policies to monitor user activity and control user access to specific assets – thus enhancing governance, accountability and security. The single-view dashboard also enable system admins to identify unused or over-provisioned assets, and terminate or right-size them as appropriate.

Speak with ParkMyCloud about Alibaba Scheduling Software

ParkMyCloud is a leading provider of scheduling software for instances deployed on AWS, Azure and GCP. Our attention has now turned to developing an Alibaba ECS scheduler in order to help new and existing clients reduce AliCloud costs in the most effective way possible. The benefits of using ParkMyCloud to schedule start/stop times for RCS instances include:

  • Apply schedules to an unlimited number of assets.
  • Easy integration with multiple products and applications.
  • Real-time monitoring and a comprehensive reporting suite.
  • Indicates in advance how much each parking schedule will save.
  • Average payback in less than two months (free option also available).

If you would like to be among the first to know when our Alibaba scheduling software is ready, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about how to reduce AliCloud costs with an Alibaba ECS scheduler and, as soon as we have finished developing our Alibaba scheduling software, we will be happy to offer you a free trial in order that you can evaluate ParkMyCloud in your own environment.