Correct AWS EC2 Sizing and Optimizing Cloud Costs

Correct AWS EC2 sizing and auto-scheduling on/off times for non-production resources can be the most efficient ways to optimize cloud costs. Between them, incorrect AWS EC2 sizing and allowing instances to run when they are not required are the biggest contributors to “public cloud waste” – estimated to be up to $5.6 billion each tear.

The reason why so much money is spent on unused cloud services has much to do with the way in which cloud service vendors price their products. Business have to pay for the capacity they provision rather than how much they use. So, if you are paying for larger EC2 instances than you need, or paying for instances when they are not being used, you are contributing to “public cloud waste”.

Let ParkMyCloud Help Reduce Your Public Cloud Waste

ParkMyCloud addresses the issues of incorrect AWS EC2 sizing and auto-scheduling by identifying underused resources and recommending appropriate configurations. ParkMyCloud can also identify which of your resources are suitable for auto-scheduling (or “parking”). It does this via a permissions-limited IAM role that conducts a discovery of your resources deployed on AWS.

From the ParkMyCloud dashboard, you will be able to access Instance Utilization Reports for each resource. These show you the average and peak utilization of each EC2 and RDS instance along with recommendations about the most suitable configuration for each. You simply accept ParkMyCloud´s AWS EC2 sizing recommendations and reassign the resources to the most appropriate configuration.

On the ParkMyCloud dashboard, you will also see which of your non-production instances are suitable for parking. These are typically the instances used for development, testing and staging for which access is no longer required when your developers have left the office. You can apply preconfigured parking schedules to these instances or create your own to match your specific needs.

Once the AWS EC2 sizing and auto-scheduling processes are completed, ParkMyCloud´s dashboard displays a figure indicating your projected savings over the next thirty days. The percentage saving will be determined by the amount of AWS EC2 sizing that was necessary and the parking schedules that have been applied. However, for most businesses, the saving will be significant.

Maximize Cloud Savings with Permanent Parking

One of the preconfigured options available to you after ParkMyCloud has made its auto-scheduling recommendations is to permanently park non-production instances. This is an ideal way in which to optimize cloud costs if your development teams work on multiple projects at different times of the day or work irregular days/hours.

Permanent parking involves scheduling your non-production instances to be permanently off. This means you are not paying for them unless the parking schedule is “snoozed”, switching the instance back on again. Unlike rudimentary strategies to optimize cloud costs that depend on developers remembering to switch the instances off again, ParkMyCloud automatically reactivates the permanent parking schedule after a period of activity.

In addition to the safeguards in place to reactivate parking schedules, ParkMyCloud provides system administrators with total visibility of their cloud accounts. With this level of visibility, governance of deployments in the cloud is increased, as is the accountability of your development teams. Consequently, ParkMyCloud not only helps reduce your public cloud waste by correct AWS EC2 sizing and auto-scheduling, but ensure your public cloud waste stays reduced.

As a final note, ParkMyCloud can also help optimize cloud costs by rightsizing RDS instances and auto-scaling groups. On/off times can be applied to all types of non-production instances, including any deployed on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Engine. If you would like to know more about ParkMyCloud´s multi-account support, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Take a Free Trail of ParkMyCloud

If you are concerned about your contribution to public cloud waste, and would like to check you have the correct AWS EC2 sizing for your needs, you are invited to take a free trial of ParkMyCloud. Our trial not only gives you the opportunity to ensure you have provisioned your resources correctly, but also to find out how much you could save by auto-scheduling on/off times for your non-production instances.

To start your free trial, click the “Try It Free” button at the top of the page. Alternatively, if you have any questions about AWS EC2 sizing before starting your trial, speak with one of our friendly Customer Services Team, who will be happy to answer your questions and guide you through the registration process for the free trial. Remember, whatever you save during the free trial is yours to keep, plus you might find some exceptional savings when you use ParkMyCloud´s AWS EC2 sizing tool.

  • Incorrect AWS EC2 sizing is a primary contributor to cloud waste.
  • ParkMyCloud identifies over-provisioned resources so you don´t have to.
  • ParkMyCloud also automates the on/off schedules for non-production instances.
  • With improved governance and accountability, cloud savings are permanent.
  • Try ParkMyCloud´s AWS EC2 sizing tool today and see how much you could save.