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AWS management software comes in many different formats. Unfortunately many of the formats lack versatility, are only suitable for one specific task, or cannot manage existing instances – meaning that you have to import your existing system as a new role, clone it, and then redeploy your instances from the software for managing AWS EC2.

Even Amazon´s own AWS management software has its drawbacks. Although great for automating governance and helping businesses optimize their resources, many of Amazon´s accounting tools are retrospective – showing you where your money has been spent, rather than providing opportunities to reduce your AWS costs.

ParkMyCloud´s software for managing AWS EC2 differs in this respect. In addition to enabling businesses to maintain governance over their cloud computing accounts and optimize resources, our AWS management software demonstrates where money can be saved by temporarily stopping – or “parking” – non-production instances when they are not required.

How Our Software for Managing AWS EC2 Works

ParkMyCloud´s AWS management software is a lightweight SaaS app that automates the process of manually switching on or switching off each non-production instance. By automating the process, our software for managing AWS EC2 saves time and eliminates the risk that non-production instances will be left running when not required due to human error.

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To park non-production instances with the software for managing AWS EC2, users connect to their AWS account through the ParkMyCloud dashboard. The software for managing AWS EC2 locates all the business´s instances and makes recommendations about which are suitable for parking. Users can accept or adjust the recommendations as necessary.

Once the final selection has been made, the UI displays a grid indicating days of the week and times of the day. Users highlight the days and hours when the non-production instances will not be required and accept the schedule. The UI will display the projected savings based on the schedule and, when the non-production instances are parked, the projected savings become actual savings.

How Much Could You Save with AWS Management Software

How much you could save with AWS management software depends on how many non-production instances you are able to park and the pricing options assigned to them. Usually businesses can park all their development, testing, and staging instances during weekends and for a minimum of 12 hours on weekdays – saving almost 60% on the cost of deploying non-production instances on AWS EC2.

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Some parking schedules can reduce costs even more. One of our clients – Foster Moore – scheduled its non-production instances to be parked by default and gave team members full access to “snooze” the schedule whenever they needed access to the instances. By only paying for the compute resources it used, the international software development company was able to save 30%-40% on its total AWS bill.

In addition to ParkMyCloud´s financial and organizational benefits, our software for managing AWS EC2 also has resource-saving and security benefits. By implementing AWS management software, businesses do not have to dedicate resources to developing scheduling scripts, and – as the instances are inaccessible when parked – there is no need for them to be monitored or scanned for viruses.

How Much You Could Save with AWS Management Software
DaysStart TimeStop TimeYou Save
Monday – Saturday8.00 a.m.10.00 p.m.50%
Monday – Saturday8.30 a.m.8.30 p.m.57%
Monday – Saturday9.00 a.m.7.00 p.m.64%
Monday – Friday8.00 a.m.10.00 p.m.58%
Monday – Friday8.30 a.m.8.30 p.m.64%
Monday – Friday9.00 a.m.7.00 p.m.70%


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Foster Moore is not the only one of our clients to achieve a significant reduction of their AWS costs. Motorcycle app developer Wolfpack reduced its AWS costs by an impressive 65%, while audio and video technology company Avid saves more than $55,000 per year by using ParkMyCloud´s software for managing AWS EC2 to park its non-production instances when they are not required. How much could your business save? Why not take advantage of our free trial offer to find out.

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Our offer consists of free use of ParkMyCloud´s AWS management software for thirty days, with no credit card required, no contract to sign, and no obligation to continue with our service once the trial period finishes. Within the thirty day trial period, you will be able to evaluate ParkMyCloud´s ease of use in your own environment to determine its versatility and cost-reducing features. Furthermore, your business keeps the money it saves during the trial.

To discover more about your opportunity to try ParkMyCloud free for thirty days, contact our team of experienced Customer Service Representatives. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you have about AWS management software and walk you through the process of creating your free account. In less than fifteen minutes, your business could be using ParkMyCloud to maintain governance over your cloud computing accounts, optimize resources, and reduce costs by up to 60%.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner you will be saving money with AWS management software.

  • ParkMyCloud is a lightweight SaaS app that simplifies AWS cost management.
  • The app makes recommendations about which instances are suitable for parking.
  • It can also identify over-provisioned resources to help further reduce AWS costs.
  • Administrators have total account visibility – improving governance and accountability.
  • Save up to 65% per year, plus benefit from secondary savings with ParkMyCloud.
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