AWS Management Software

AWS management software exists for many different purposes, often providing alternatives to and improvements upon the AWS management console. Here are some of the purposes of such software, why you might use it, and what to look for when you’re evaluating it. 

Purposes for AWS Management Tools

There are AWS-specific and provider-agnostic cloud management platform solutions available to solve a number of problems in the increasingly complex cloud infrastructure space. There are solutions available for performance monitoring, security, regulatory compliance, resource consumption, governance, and cost optimization. Each of these is important.

Once, many in the industry hoped that AWS management could be consolidated into a single “do it all” platform. However, it’s now clear that no single platform will ever meet all the needs of all businesses – there are simply too many problems, with too many desired solutions, for all to be solved well under a single roof, for a reasonable cost. Thus, a number of purpose-built AWS cloud management options have been developed to solve individual aspects of the larger “AWS management” problem. Among these, there are useful platforms to solve each problem. One problem that has consistently been ranked important to AWS users is cost management – the RightScale state of the cloud report found that this is a top concern for large enterprises and small businesses alike. As the problem of cost is so widespread, we’ll focus on AWS cost management tools for the remainder of this article.

Overview of AWS Resource Management for Cost Optimization

AWS management software for cost control comes in many different formats. Unfortunately, many of the formats lack versatility, are only suitable for one specific task, or cannot manage existing instances – meaning that you have to import your existing system as a new role, clone it, and then redeploy your instances from the software for managing AWS EC2. Or else they’re far too complicated to use, or have complex and difficult-to-understand pricing models. 

There are also several options in the market for AWS monitoring software that focus on cost reporting, but monitoring without action still requires end-user analysis and time. While reporting is informative, it is not a realistic strategy to reduce costs for either small businesses with limited resources, nor for large enterprises with large AWS environments that would require an abundance of manual analysis. For those looking for AWS server management services that will actually reduce costs, action and automation should be priorities. 

Amazon provides a few features that could be considered a sort of AWS management software, but none are complete enough to easily manage costs. AWS Cost Explorer gives users a retrospective summary – showing you where your money has been spent, rather than providing opportunities to reduce your AWS costs. There is also AWS Trusted Advisor, which requires Enterprise level support access. Even if you have Trusted Advisor, you’ll only be alerted upon areas of underutilization, rather than specific changes.

A newer tool within AWS Resource Optimization does provide some limited functionality regarding recommendations for users who enable  it. However, they are merely recommendations with no actionable automation, and recommend only to terminate resources it deems “idle” by strict criteria, or else to RightSize underutilized instances – but only by one size change, and only within the same instance family. There are a number of other limitations on the usefulness of these recommendations, such as the time window analyzed, the thresholds for utilization,  and the metrics analyzed. Other limitations include access to only a limited portion of users, a confusing user interface, and being AWS-specific rather than multi-cloud. While it’s certainly better than the default options within the AWS management portal, there are more useful and actionable optimization options available to AWS customers. 

For example, ParkMyCloud´s software for managing AWS EC2 provides detailed cost optimization recommendations with automation options, while being easy to use. In addition to enabling businesses to maintain governance over their cloud computing accounts and optimize resources, our AWS management software demonstrates where money can be saved by temporarily stopping – or “parking” – non-production instances when they are not required based on actual resource utilization history. It also recommends RightSizing changes for instances whose workloads would be better suited for a smaller or different-family instance. 

How Our Software for Managing AWS EC2 Works

ParkMyCloud´s AWS management software is a SaaS application that reduces cloud costs through automation by turning non-production resources off when they’re not needed and RightSizing overprovisoned resources. By automating the process, our software for managing AWS EC2 saves time and eliminates the risk that non-production instances will be left running when not required due to human error, and reduces costs from resources that have been overprovisioned through oversight, lack of planning, or lack of feeling of personal responsibility for keeping costs in control. Upon implementing our AWS server management software, companies often discover thousands or even hundreds of thousands of wasted spend that they can eliminate and add back to their IT budgets. 

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To park non-production instances with the software for managing AWS EC2, users connect to their AWS account through the ParkMyCloud dashboard. The software for managing AWS EC2 locates all the business´s instances and makes recommendations about which are suitable for parking based on keywords, such as “dev”, and based on utilization  patterns. Users can accept or adjust the recommendations as necessary. It’s also easy for users to set their own policies to automatically assign resources to schedules based on the resource type, team, and tags.

Once the final selection has been made, the UI displays a grid indicating days of the week and times of the day. Users highlight the days and hours when the non-production instances will not be required and accept the schedule. The UI will display the projected savings based on the schedule and, when the non-production instances are parked, the projected savings become actual savings.

Similar recommendations are generated for resources that can be RightSized. Users can select whether they would like RightSizing recommendations that are “conservative”, “aggressive”, or “balanced.” Three instance options are displayed, which can include different sizes, different instances families, and/or instance modernizations.

How Much Could You Save with AWS Management Software

How much you could save with AWS management software depends on how many non-production instances you are able to park and the pricing options assigned to them, as well as the opportunities for RightSizing in your environment. Usually businesses can park all their development, testing, and staging instances during weekends and for a minimum of 12 hours on weekdays – saving 65% on the cost of deploying non-production instances on AWS EC2. 

A single RightSizing change saves an average of 50% of the cost of an instance, with larger changes saving 75% or more. 

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Depending on your current configuration, there may be  the opportunity for your company to reduce costs even more. One of our clients – Foster Moore – scheduled its non-production instances to be parked by default and gave team members full access to “snooze” the schedule whenever they needed access to the instances. By only paying for the compute resources it used, the international software development company was able to save more than $3.5 million, as reported by analyst EMA.

In addition to ParkMyCloud´s financial and organizational benefits, our software for managing AWS EC2 also has resource-saving and security benefits. By implementing AWS management software, businesses do not have to dedicate resources to developing scheduling scripts, and – as the instances are inaccessible when parked – there is no need for them to be monitored or scanned for viruses.

All organizations using Amazon Web Services should consider how they incorporate automated cost savings into their AWS infrastructure management plans. 

How Much You Could Save with AWS Management Software
Days Start Time Stop Time You Save
Monday – Saturday 8.00 a.m. 10.00 p.m. 50%
Monday – Saturday 8.30 a.m. 8.30 p.m. 57%
Monday – Saturday 9.00 a.m. 7.00 p.m. 64%
Monday – Friday 8.00 a.m. 10.00 p.m. 58%
Monday – Friday 8.30 a.m. 8.30 p.m. 64%
Monday – Friday 9.00 a.m. 7.00 p.m. 70%


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Foster Moore is not the only one of our clients to achieve a significant reduction of their AWS costs. ParkMyCloud customers achieve rapid savings and measurable ROI. Here are a few examples:

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