Cloud Cost Optimization by AWS Right Sizing

If you are looking to optimize your cloud costs, and maintain control over your future cloud spend, AWS right sizing with ParkMyCloud is the way to go. AWS right sizing addresses the problem of overprovisioning – that is, paying for instances that are not being used, and paying for larger instances than you actually need.

ParkMyCloud identifies underused and unused resources, so you can terminate or reconfigure them to be more appropriate for the needs of the business. The total visibility of your cloud accounts also gives you the level of governance you need to maintain control over future deployments and cloud spend.

How to Right Size AWS Resources with ParkMyCloud

In order to right size AWS resources with ParkMyCloud, you first have to create a permissions-limited IAM role for our lightweight app. The app will conduct a discovery of the resources deployed on AWS and display them on a single view dashboard.

From the dashboard, you will be able to access a performance heatmap which displays the peak and average utilization of your resources. ParkMyCloud will highlight any resources configured with a more expensive feature-set than is required for their load, and recommend a more appropriate configuration.

You have the option of accepting the app´s recommendations, or changing the resource to a configuration of your choosing. In some circumstances it may be the case that the recommendation is to move the resource to a different pricing plan (i.e. on demand > prepaid), or terminate it altogether.

AWS Right Sizing for Auto-Scaling Groups

In addition to making recommendations for individual resources, ParkMyCloud can identify when AWS right sizing is appropriate for auto-scaling groups. This is one of the key areas in which AWS right sizing can help businesses optimize their cloud compute costs due to the way in which groups are often set up.

A common practice when deploying groups of resources on AWS is to use the same sized resources as used before regardless of the workload. This over-provisioning may be useful in some circumstances, but can multiply a business´s “cloud waste” many times over.

It could also be the case that the auto-scaling group was appropriate for its workload when first deployed, but demand has since lessened and the same feature-set is no longer required. ParkMyCloud will identify any auto-scaling groups – or elements of auto-scaling groups – that are suitable for AWS right sizing and make recommendations as before.

Post Right Sizing Optimization for AWS

Once the individual resources and auto-scaling groups have been right sized, the third stage in the AWS right sizing process is to schedule on/off times for non-production resources to avoid paying for provisioned resources when they are not being used.

Again, this is a simple process using ParkMyCloud´s robust policy-based scheduling system. During the discovery process, ParkMyCloud identifies resources suitable for “parking” and highlights them on the single view dashboard. Administrators simply apply one of several preconfigured parking schedules to the highlighted resources, or create their own parking schedules with the click of a mouse.

Based on a five-day working week of eight hours per day, ParkMyCloud can save businesses 76% on the cost of deploying non-production resources on the cloud – or even more if a permanently parked schedule is selected and the schedule snoozed whenever access to the parked resource is required.

Your Invitation to Try ParkMyCloud for Free

If you have ever considered reviewing your resources deployed on AWS to determine whether savings could be made, but felt it would be a long-winded exercise with limited benefits, why not try AWS right sizing with ParkMyCloud for free and see how much you could save.

Our free trial offer gives you the opportunity to gather and evaluate all your cloud deployments on a single view dashboard, and have recommendations made for you about which resources are suitable for AWS right sizing.

To find out more about this opportunity, simply click the “Try It Free” button at the top of the page. Alternatively, if you have any questions about AWS right sizing with ParkMyCloud, do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly and helpful Customer Services team will be happy to answer your questions and guide you through the registration process to begin your free trial.

  • Stop paying for instances that are not being used and larger instances than you need.
  • Identify over-provisioned and redundant instances using the AWS right-sizing tool.
  • Consult the tool´s recommendations to configure/terminate resources appropriately.
  • Use ParkMyCloud to schedule start/stop times for development and testing instances.
  • Find out in advance how much you will save via ParkMyCloud´s single-view dashboard.
  • Based on a 9-to-5, Monday to Friday working week, you could reduce cloud costs by 76%.
  • Try ParkMyCloud today for free. However much you save during your trial is yours to keep.