Azure Automation

Companies looking to save money on their Microsoft Azure costs should look no further – Microsoft has a cost management software called Azure automation. Azure automation allows your development teams to schedule stop times for their non-production VMs so they are not running – and running up costs – when they are not being used. 

Azure automation software eliminates the need to take development teams away from core activities in order to write scheduling scripts. These solutions are more reliable than having developers manually switch non-production development, testing and staging VMs on and off at the beginning and end of every workday. This solution eliminates the possibility of human error, making the switching on and off process much easier and smoother. 

In addition to saving companies time and money, this Azure software provides users with a complete governance solution. System administrators can monitor all of the company’s Microsoft Azure accounts in a single-view dashboard, create permission tiers and track resource usage within those tiers. These features give better insight and visibility,  increase accountability and gather information to assist with future budgeting. 

Why Use Azure Automation Software?

The biggest rationale behind companies using Azure automation software is its ability to optimize costs. Companies can save 70% or more on the cost of deploying non-production VMs on Microsoft Azure simply by using automated scheduling to turn the VMs off between the hours of 7 PM and 9 AM on weekdays and during weekends. 

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The actual savings will be much less if companies choose to reassign development teams to write scheduling scripts – the cost of the developer’s time could be more than any potential savings. Reassigning development teams can also delay the completion of priority projects and result in a company’s IP address being reassigned by Microsoft.  

The value of the governance solution should not be underestimated. Many times, companies have deployed vast quantities of VMs onto Microsoft Azure and then forgotten about them as new projects arise and take priority. These idle resources can be identified with Azure automation software and reallocated or deleted in order to optimize costs and improve resource management. 

Not only does Azure automation save users time and money, but it works across hybrid environments. You can update across Azure, on-premises, as well as other cloud platforms for Windows and Linux systems. 

Azure automation uses Role Based Access Control (RBAC) so the owner of the Azure automation account can control account access and its resources. Since the duties will be segregated it helps users and administrators manage their automation accounts easier so they only get the amount of access needed to perform their specific job.

How to Schedule VMs with Azure Automation

Scheduling off times for non-production VMs with Azure automation software is a simple process. System administrators use their usual login credentials to sign in to the company´s Microsoft account through a SaaS application. Once logged in, they can create permission tiers for their development teams and assign VMs to each.

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After team members sign in through the app, they can see the VMs assigned to them as well as the recommendations for the non-production VMs that are suitable for scheduling (or “parking” as we call it). Team members can park all their non-production VMs with a single schedule, or schedule VMs and groups of VMs individually without their choices affecting the parking schedules of other development teams. 

Parking schedules can be temporarily suspended if the developing, testing and staging VMs need to be used during scheduled off times. It is also possible to park all non-production VMs permanently and suspended the schedule any time they are required – resulting in maximum savings. As soon as the parking schedules are confirmed, the UI displays projected savings, and as soon as savings begin to accumulate via schedules the UI will also display actual savings.

How Azure Automation Contributes to Cost Optimization

As stated earlier, companies can reduce the cost of deploying non-production VMs on Microsoft Azure by more than 70% by parking them between nights and weekends. This figure can vary according to the distribution of VM sizes, deployment regions, pricing tiers and factors such as existing licenses and Enterprise Agreements. 

With Azure automation, users can control their Azure cloud cost easier because this solution gives users the ability to automate frequent, tedious tasks. It also relieves administrators from the time-consuming tasks that take them away from their core responsibilities, so allowing them to refocus their attention makes for a more productive organization. 

Azure Automation With ParkMyCloud

To get a more accurate view of how our automation software helps with Azure cost optimization, give our Cloud Cost Savings Calculator a try. When using this tool, it’s important to note that your company’s actual savings will likely be much higher once factors such as improved resource management, the reallocation of idle resources and higher levels of accountability are taken into account. 

You can get even more indirect savings due to the enhanced security provided by Azure automation. While nonproduction VMs are parked, they are not accessible. This means that there are no security risks due to unauthorized access or hacking attempts and no need to run unnecessary virus scans or have parked VMs monitored by network security teams.

How Much Software for Managing VMs on Azure Can Reduce Costs
Days of WeekStopStart% Cost Reduction
Monday-Friday7.00 p.m.9.00 a.m.70%
Monday-Friday8.00 p.m.8.00 a.m.64%
Monday-Friday9.00 p.m.7.00 a.m.58%
Monday-Saturday7.00 p.m.9.00 a.m.64%
Monday-Saturday8.00 p.m.8.00 a.m.57%
Monday-Saturday9.00 p.m.7.00 a.m.50%

ParkMyCloud also offers an automated Azure RightSizing feature. RightSizing is the process of matching a workload to the best supporting virtual machine to optimize costs. Many virtual machines in the cloud are sized much larger than necessary for the workloads running on them. VM sizing and type selection have a drastic effect on cost –– one size down within the same VM family can reduce the cost by 50%, and with changes between families or across more than one size, savings can be even greater. ParkMyCloud recommends VMs eligible for RightSizing; can take automated action to RightSize VMs, and can change VM families and modernize types.

Try ParkMyCloud´s Azure Automation Software for Free

If your company deploys non-production VMs on Microsoft Azure, and you would like to find out more about how Azure automation software can help with cloud cost optimization, contact us and request a demo of ParkMyCloud. With the help of our simple, single purpose SaaS tool you can start saving your company time and money in fifteen minutes. 

Our free trial gives you the ability to test the merits of ParkMyCloud in your own environment for fourteen days – no credit cards required and no contracts to sign. At the end of the trial, you may choose to continue using ParkMyCloud on our free tier or upgrade to the standard or pro tier for access to more advanced features. Best of all, whatever money your company saves by using our Azure automation software is yours to keep. 

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