Azure Automation

Companies looking to save money on their Microsoft Azure costs should look no further than Azure automation. Azure automation allows your development teams to schedule stop times for their non-production VMs so they are not running – and running up costs – when they are not required.

Azure automation solutions eliminate the need to reassign development teams from core activities to write scheduling scripts and are more reliable than having developers manually switch non-production development, testing and staging VMs on and off at the beginning and end of every work day.

In addition to saving companies time and money, Azure automation software provides a complete governance solution. System administrators can monitor all the company´s Microsoft Azure accounts via a single-view dashboard, create permission tiers and track resource usage within those tiers in order to increase accountability and gather information to assist with future budgeting.

Why Use Azure Automation Software?

The biggest justification for using Azure automation software is cost optimization. Companies can save more than 70% of the cost of deploying non-production VMs on Microsoft Azure simply by scheduling the VMs to be turned off between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. on weekdays and during weekends.

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The real savings is much less if companies reassign development teams to write scheduling scripts because of the cost of the developers´ time. Reassigning development teams can also delay the completion of priority projects, and result in a company´s IP address being reassigned by Microsoft.

The value of the governance solution should not be underestimated. Many companies have deployed vast quantities of VMs onto Microsoft Azure and then forgotten about them as new projects take priority. These “stale resources” can be identified with Azure automation software and reallocated or deleted to optimize costs and improve resource management.

How to Schedule VMs with Azure Automation

Scheduling off times for non-production VMs with Azure automation software is a simple process. System administrators use their usual login credentials to sign into the company´s Microsoft account via a SaaS application. Once logged in, they can create permission tiers for their development teams and assign VMs to each.

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When team members sign in – also via the app – they can see the VMs assigned to them and recommendations of the non-production VMs that are suitable for scheduling (or “parking” as we call it). Team members can park all their non-production VMs with a single schedule, or schedule VMs and groups of VMs individually without their choices affecting the parking schedules of other development teams.

Parking schedules can be suspended if the use of the development, testing and staging VMs is required during scheduled off time. It is also possible to park all non-production VMs permanently and suspend the schedule any time they are required – resulting in maximum savings. As soon as the parking schedules are confirmed, the UI displays projected savings, and as soon as savings begin to accumulate via schedules, the UI also displays actual savings.

How Azure Automation Contributes to Cost Optimization

Earlier in this article, it was claimed that companies can reduce the cost of deploying non-production VMs on Microsoft Azure by more than 70% by parking them between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. on weekdays and during weekends. This figure will vary according to the distribution of VM sizes, deployment regions, pricing tiers and factors such as existing licenses and Enterprise Agreements.

For a more accurate view of how Azure automation contributes to cost optimization, you are invited to use our Cloud Cost Savings Calculator. When using this tool, please consider that your company´s actual savings will likely be much higher once factors such as improved resource management, the reallocation of stale resources and higher levels of accountability are taken into account.

Further indirect savings will be achieved due to the enhanced security provided by Azure automation. While non-production VMs are parked, they are inaccessible. This means there are no security risks due to unauthorized access or hacking attempts, and no need to run unnecessary virus scans or have parked VMs monitored by network security teams.

How Much Software for Managing VMs on Azure Can Reduce Costs
Days of WeekStopStart% Cost Reduction
Monday-Friday7.00 p.m.9.00 a.m.70%
Monday-Friday8.00 p.m.8.00 a.m.64%
Monday-Friday9.00 p.m.7.00 a.m.58%
Monday-Saturday7.00 p.m.9.00 a.m.64%
Monday-Saturday8.00 p.m.8.00 a.m.57%
Monday-Saturday9.00 p.m.7.00 a.m.50%

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