Azure cost management software is an important tool for any business running their Virtual Machines (VMs) on Microsoft´s Azure platform. It provides a single view of all a business´s Azure accounts, VM types and the pricing categories into which they are placed – enabling businesses to make informed management decisions about how they can optimize their costs by reassigning underutilized resources.

As well as using the single view to reassign underutilized resources, Azure cost management software allows businesses to create permission tiers, track resource usage within those tiers, and gather information to assist with future budgeting. This information can be particularly valuable if a business is evaluating the cost-reduction advantages of a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement.

Microsoft EAs and Other Ways to Reduce Cloud Computing Costs

Microsoft Enterprise Agreements (EAs) can be attractive options for larger businesses in the right circumstances. Generally speaking, EAs save time and money for qualifying businesses – those with more than 500 users – by providing software licenses, software support and standardization to the most current versions of Microsoft product releases over a three-year contract period.

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However, if you cannot be certain that your business will grow over the next three years – or if a high proportion of your VMs are used for developing, testing, and staging products – the likelihood is that committing to a three-year contract will be an expensive and time-consuming venture. Not least if you are required to complete a Software Assessment Management audit at the end of the contract.

For businesses with uncertain futures – and those with fewer than 500 users – the cost-reduction alternatives to an EA include developing scheduling scripts or instructing developers to shut down non-production VMs when they are not required. These are not necessarily ideal alternatives, as both fail to provide the single view of multiple Azure accounts needed to realize effective Azure cost management.

Further disadvantages of scheduling and manual shut downs include the risk of your business´s IP address will be assigned to another Microsoft client, and developers forgetting to shut down their non-production VMs – or trying to shut down from within the VMs themselves – which will not help to reduce cloud computing costs because the Azure platform will continue to reserve compute resources for them.

Using ParkMyCloud Azure Cost Management Software to Reduce Costs

ParkMyCloud is a lightweight SaaS app that helps reduce cloud computing costs by providing the facility to “park” non-production VMs when they are not required. With ParkMyCloud´s Azure cost management software, businesses only pay for the computing power they use while still benefitting from a single view to maintain governance and assist with future budgeting and capacity planning.

The app itself is simple to use. Businesses log into their Microsoft accounts through the app, and our Azure cost management software locates their VMs and extracts their metadata. The app then reads through the names and tags assigned to the VMs and recommends which are suitable for parking. Based on the recommendations, businesses can select which to park when they are not required.

When the VMs suitable for parking have been selected, the Azure cost management software displays a grid displaying days of the week and times of the day. Businesses simply select which days of the week and times of the days the non-production VMs will not be required and click “schedule” to park them. The schedule can always be snoozed when parked VMs are required out of non-production hours.

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Once businesses have finished the scheduling process, the Azure cost management software displays the projected savings based on the parking schedule. If the schedule is amended, the projected figure automatically changes. This feature allows businesses to maximize their savings. When the schedule takes effect, and non-production VMs are parked, businesses will start accumulating actual savings to match the projection.

By being able to park non-production VMs with ParkMyCloud´s Azure cost management software, businesses also avoid the risk that their IP address will be assigned, do not have to reassign resources to develop scheduling scripts, or rely on developers to shut down non-production VMs from within the Azure management portal. Furthermore, businesses do not have to commit to a three-year contract as they would for an EA.

In addition to managing Azure costs in the simplest way possible, ParkMyCloud enhances data security by making the VMs inaccessible while they are parked. This reduces resource waste further by eliminating the need for data to be monitored by network security teams or for unnecessary virus scans to be conducted. While parked, there is no risk of unauthorized logins or hacking attempts.

Try ParkMyCloud for Free for Thirty Days

We invite you to evaluate the benefits of our Azure cost management software in your own environment free for thirty days with no set-up costs, contracts to sign or obligation to commit to our service once the trial period has ended. Furthermore, no credit card is required in order to take advantage of our offer, and all the savings your business makes during the trial period are yours to keep.

To find out more about our invitation, the benefits of our Azure cost management software, and the pricing options available should your business decide to continue reducing cloud computing costs with ParkMyCloud, contact us today. Our experienced Customer Service team will be happy to answer any questions you have, and explain how ParkMyCloud can save up to 60% of your cloud computing costs.

  • ParkMyCloud is an effective solution for helping businesses reduce their cloud computing costs.
  • Our scheduling software automates the process of switching non-production VMs on and off.
  • Businesses can save up to 65% on the cost of deploying resources on Microsoft Azure.
  • ParkMyCloud also helps identify over-provisioned resources and those no longer required.
  • Further benefits of ParkMyCloud include better governance and enhanced accountability.
  • Try ParkMyCloud for free and see how easy it is to manage your costs on the Azure platform.
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