Why Azure Right Sizing is Important

Achieving accurate and effective Azure right sizing is a great way to reduce cloud costs because it saves money by eliminating excess resources. However, it can be a complicated process because of the method Microsoft uses to charge for its cloud computing services – “provisioning”.

Provisioning means you pay for a fixed capacity. In the case of cloud computing it could be CPU capacity, memory capacity, bandwidth capacity or any other capacity. With provisioning, you are paying for the maximum amount of capacity you might want to use at any given moment, not how many resources you actually use. In terms of cost, it is like leaving a light on once you have left the room.

It is important you do not provision less capacity than you need. This would result in VMs not being able to cope with their tasks or being unavailable during peak demand. But whereas the fixed capacity you selected may have been appropriate at the time you initially deployed a VM, demand can change over time. It is likely that, without Azure right sizing, you are paying for more capacity than you need.

Azure Right Sizing with ParkMyCloud

One of the reasons why Azure right sizing can be complicated is that you are not only trying to right size one element of a VM – i.e. CPU capacity or memory capacity or bandwidth capacity – you are trying to right size a balance between all the capacities you need in order to extract optimum VM performance for the least possible cost. ParkMyCloud makes this balancing act simple by identifying which VMs are overprovisioned and recommending more appropriate feature-sets.

It does this by first conducting a discovery of your resources deployed on Azure via a permissions-limited dedicated credential. The results of the discovery are displayed on ParkMyCloud´s dashboard with details about each resource´s name, location, type, cost and the team to which it is assigned. By clicking on the graph icon to the right of each resource, you can access a customizable utilization report displaying the peak and average utilization of each VM by element or date.

Based on the parameters you enter, ParkMyCloud will make Azure right sizing recommendations if the VM is overprovisioned. These may be to resize the VM to a more appropriate feature set, change the VM to a less expensive pricing option, or terminate the VM if it is no longer used or belongs in a group for which it is no longer required. ParkMyCloud does not change the VM configurations automatically, as this would involve switching off the VM. If you want to take advantage of ParkMyCloud´s Azure right sizing recommendations, the changes have to be made manually when access to the VM is not required.

Optimize Costs by Auto-Scheduling Stop/Start Times

Assuming demand for some VMs has lessened over a period of time, Azure right sizing will help you reduce your cloud costs. In order to optimize your cloud costs, you can use ParkMyCloud´s scheduling software to automate stop/start times for non-production VMs – typically those used for development, testing and staging that access to is not required outside of office hours. This is easy to achieve by going back to where your resources are displayed on the ParkMyCloud dashboard.

Alongside the list of resources, ParkMyCloud will indicate which VMs are suitable for auto-scheduling based on the names and tags assigned to them. To schedule stop/start times, you simply select the VMs you want to switch off when access to them is not required, and either apply one of the preconfigured parking schedules or create one of your own via the dashboard´s intuitive interface. The dashboard will also display the projected savings for each schedule over the next thirty days.

You do not have to apply the same parking schedules to every suitable VM. You may have development teams working different hours or maybe even in different time zones. ParkMyCloud allows you to set whichever parking schedules are most appropriate for each VM, and – if access is needed to a parked VM during its downtime – the schedule can be snoozed with the click a mouse. The schedule will restart automatically after a period of inactivity.

Get Azure Right Sizing Recommendations for Free

If you have VMs deployed on Microsoft Azure, and would like to get Azure right sizing recommendations for free, we invite you to get in touch and request a free trial of ParkMyCloud. The trial will show you it doesn´t have to be complicated to find the optimum configurations for your VMs, and give you an opportunity to see how much you can save by auto-scheduling stop/start times for non-production VMs. Furthermore, whatever savings you make are yours to keep.

To find out more, do not hesitate to contact us. If you have any questions about Azure right sizing or ParkMyCloud before starting your free trial, our Customer Support team will be happy to answer them. Once the trial has started, we will be able to guide you through ParkMyCloud´s features and explain the benefits as they apply in your specific circumstances. Thereafter, if you find your cloud costs have been optimized by ParkMyCloud, we offer competitive subscription rates to make sure your cloud costs stay optimized.

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