Reduce Cloud Costs

Reduce Cloud Costs

Reduce cloud costs by up to 65% by scheduling on/off times for non-production AWS EC2, Azure, and GCP instances.

Discover “parkable” resources through recommendations and automated policies.

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Save Time with Automation

With ParkMyCloud’s automated schedules, you can eliminate development resources that would otherwise be spent turning instances on and off. Save time that you may have spent writing and maintaining scripting solutions.

You can also set policies that will automatically be enforced; for example, to park all resources tagged with the keyword “testing”.

Automate with recommendations

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Maintain scalability and control with user roles and teams

Increase scalability and control

Add multiple users and manage multiple AWS, Azure, and GCP accounts in your ParkMyCloud account.

Maintain team visibility and governance using team and role structures.

Gain Visibility

See all your instances from multiple AWS, Azure, and GCP accounts, across all regions, instance types, and pricing options.


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Reduce cloud costs by up to 65% in just a few clicks

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