5 Things We Learned in our First 30 Days Providing Software as a Service (And, What’s Next for ParkMyCloud)

AWS reinventWell, here we are about 30 days after ParkMyCloud’s launch. I thought I would take a few moments to reflect on how it’s going and what we have learned in this month providing software as a service. As I type this, I am 38K feet above the ground on my way to AWS re:Invent, my 3rd year attending this event. It even sold out this year. In fact demand was great we even had random folks hitting us on info@parkmycloud.com asking if we had extra tickets to sell, like a sold out music or sporting event – go figure, this AWS thing is pretty hot, eh?


451 Research Report Shows “ParkMyCloud finds and saves money on idle cloud resources”

451-Research-logo-900x600Global technology research firm 451 Research has released a new report recognizing the full benefit of ParkMyCloud for AWS compute users. In the report, analyst William Fellows writes,  “Enterprises want a verifiable and rapid ROI; and they want ease of use and cost control. ParkMyCloud offers a way to view all compute services in a single dashboard, and to schedule on/off times for compute services in an automated way.”

You can download a free copy of the 451 Research report here.


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