“Formerly-Wasteful Bob” Finds Some Loooong Answers to “How do I reduce AWS costs?”

reduce cloud costsFormerly-Wasteful Bob—previously known as Wasteful Bob—was cleaning out his MS IE bookmarks when he ran across this link on the Q&A site Quora.com: “How do I cut cloud costs with AWS?”

Now that Bob was reducing his monthly AWS costs significantly by using ParkMyCloud to program EC2 instances to go off during slack periods, he didn’t really need to click the link—but he did anyway to see if there were any new and useful ideas.


We snooze, you win! Announcing ParkMyCloud Start/Stop/Snooze.

 There’s nothing sleepy about today’s release of one of our most-frequently-requested capabilities: start/stop/snooze. Now, you can start or stop instances with a single click of a button (even if they have parking schedules!)

So what does that mean?

Well, let’s say you’re working late, and need to access instances that are scheduled to be parked. Now with snoozing, you can temporarily suspend the action of a parking schedule, to keep a running instance running longer, or a stopped instance stopped longer.

You can snooze either for a set length of time, say, two hours, or until a set date and time, like tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. So if you’re working at night and your dev parking schedule is about to stop your instances — just snooze the schedule for a few hours, and the parking schedule will resume when you’re done.

Wasteful Bob’s Earth-Shaking New Year’s Resolution (Inspired by ParkMyCloud & TechBreakfast): Don’t Waste So Much

After decades of leading a very wasteful life, Bob (or “Wasteful Bob,” as his friends call him) is committed to following a new and more efficient path in 2016.

No more leaving the water faucets on all day; keeping his car running all night in the driveway; leaving his non-production AWS instances on all night even when no one was using them; or otherwise squandering or frittering away precious resources—either at home or in his job as an IT Operations Director.

Bob’s conversion to a more intentionally resourceful way of thinking and acting began in a somewhat odd place: At AWS re:Invent 2015. It was there that he ran across ParkMyCloud, a web app that is essentially a programmable on/off switch for AWS EC2 instances. (more…)