451-Research-logo-900x600Global technology research firm 451 Research has released a new report recognizing the full benefit of ParkMyCloud for AWS compute users. In the report, analyst William Fellows writes,  “Enterprises want a verifiable and rapid ROI; and they want ease of use and cost control. ParkMyCloud offers a way to view all compute services in a single dashboard, and to schedule on/off times for compute services in an automated way.”

You can download a free copy of the 451 Research report here.

In the report, ParkMyCloud is compared to more complex cloud management platforms, and highlighted as a strong single-purpose alternative for those AWS users most interested in cost control. Among ParkMyCloud’s strengths, the report lists the fact that “ParkMyCloud is a SaaS-based application … to throttle cloud spend in a simple, cost-effective way.”

It also says that “Cost and consumption management and optimization tools are where the action is.”

Want to get in on that action?

Then learn more and get started with your free 10-day trial of ParkMyCloud, and start reducing your monthly AWS bill by 20% or more now.

By the way, the 451 Research report is just one example of what Industry Analysts and Customers are saying about ParkMyCloud’s  ease of use and ability to rapidly reduce cloud computing spending.


About Jay Chapel

Jay Chapel is the CEO and co-founder of ParkMyCloud. After spending several years in the cloud management space, Jay saw that there was no simple solution to the problem of wasted cloud spend - which led him to start ParkMyCloud in 2015. Before that, he spent 10+ years with Micromuse and IBM Tivoli, a provider of business infrastructure management software. After an acquisition by IBM, he led the successful sales integration and subsequent growth of the IBM Tivoli/Netcool business in Europe. He also held several regional and worldwide sales roles in Switzerland, the UK and the US. Jay earned both a BA in Finance and an MBA from West Virginia. Those few hours a month that Jay’s not busy with ParkMyCloud’s growth and success, you can find him on the ski slopes, on the soccer field, or on the golf course often accompanied by his three kids.