ParkMyCloud Provides Alibaba Cloud Customers with Continuous Cost Optimization by Turning Off Idle Resources

June 27, 2018 (Dulles, VA) – ParkMyCloud, the leading enterprise platform for continuous cost control in public cloud, announced today that it now provides automated cost optimization and reduction for Alibaba Cloud, the largest public cloud provider in China and a rapidly growing U.S. cloud provider. ParkMyCloud now supports four top cloud providers, with Alibaba joining Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure (Azure), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

ParkMyCloud saves money by automatically turning off idle cloud resources, a process it calls “parking”. Customers including McDonald’s, Sysco Foods, and Unilever have integrated cost control into their DevOps processes using ParkMyCloud.

ParkMyCloud estimates that up to $552 million will be wasted on idle Alibaba Cloud resources this year – all of which can be easily saved with ParkMyCloud’s automated optimization and elimination of idle resources.

“ParkMyCloud has had an international customer base from the start, and we look forward to working with companies around the world that choose Alibaba as their primary cloud or as part of their multi-cloud strategy,” said Jay Chapel, ParkMyCloud CEO. “Given their rapid growth – over 100% growth for the 4th quarter, with more than 300 products and features launched – Alibaba is clearly putting a focus on innovation and development in the cloud space. We look forward to helping their customers optimize resource usage as Alibaba Cloud expands internationally.”

ParkMyCloud was founded in 2015 with initial support for AWS. It followed with support for Azure and GCP, while developing capabilities to allow DevOps users to fully automate cloud cost control with innovations such as SmartParking.

About ParkMyCloud

ParkMyCloud is a SaaS platform that automatically identifies and eliminates public cloud resource waste, reducing spending by 65% or more — think “Nest for the cloud.” AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud users such as McDonald’s, Sysco Foods, Unilever, Avid, and Sage Software have used ParkMyCloud to cut their cloud spending by millions of dollars. ParkMyCloud helps companies like these optimize and govern cloud usage by integrating cost control into their DevOps processes. For more information, visit


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