Introducing ParkMyCloud 2.0: Now with Multi-User and Multi-Account Capabilities

Enable Flexibility & Scalability with ParkMyCloud 2.0

ParkMyCloud 2.0 is here! 

This major update, requested by many of our customers, allows you to add multiple users and manage multiple AWS accounts in your ParkMyCloud account. The addition of these frequently-requested features will allow you to utilize ParkMyCloud across users and teams in your organization and continue to reap huge savings (like this company, which is saving $55k/year on their AWS spend).

Let’s take a look at what’s new.


Can You “ec2:Describe” Your Problem?

control aws environments with ec2:describeSometimes a blog post can be used to inform or instruct. Sometimes it can be used to inspire. Other times, it can be used to commiserate, as in “Are you seeing what I’m seeing, or am I going crazy?”  This is the latter type. Let me explain …

We are a small startup that relies heavily upon AWS to run our SaaS application (ParkMyCloud). Like many startups, we also contract with development shops to help keep costs down while we organically grow our business. And while we appreciate their help, we set out to find a way to prevent access by the “hired help” into our production environment.  I was drawn inexorably to AWS’ policies as the best solution.

First, hats off to AWS for all the thought and work they put into these. I imagine that to a control freak, this is like dying and going IT heaven. (Hmmm…IT heaven…cloud…nah!)