You Want Me to Do What with My EC2 Instances?

Parked cars

Back when I was a teenager (just shortly after the earth cooled), the term “parking” meant something a lot different than just finding a temporary spot for your automobile. It means something different in the context of public cloud computing, too. While not as exhilarating as the previous context, “parking” cloud resources can be quite rewarding.


The New State of AWS EC2 Instances: It’s Called Parked

Anyone who has used Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 instances is familiar with their various instance “states”: running (on), stopped (shut down), rebooted (restarted) and terminated (destroyed).

ParkMyCloud's new state for AWS EC2 instances: parked. We created ParkMyCloud to do one simple thing very easily: enable AWS EC2 users to reduce their spending by automatically scheduling on and off times for instances when they are not being used. We call it “parking.”