Wasteful Bob gives his AWS instances a few days off for Christmas, then goes to see Star Wars.

chewbacca-savingsIf you go to a showing of Star Wars this week, you’ll more than likely see some geeksyou know, techies, nerds, propeller-heads, reformed trekkies. There’s also a good chance many of these folks are AWS customers and, unfortunately while they’re off in Wookie-land, their unused AWS instances are still running with costs adding up each minute.


Our Take: AWS Cost Explorer improves Cost Visibility but not Cost Control

cost visibility but no control with aws cost explorerIn a recent TechTarget piece, author Beth Pariseau reviews the updates AWS has made to its Cost Explorer tool. She discusses the possibility that these new features may lay the groundwork for AWS to expand into their cost visibility ecosystem:

Amazon added features to its AWS Cost Explorer that appear incremental, but could lay the groundwork for significant updates that bring the free cost analysis tool toward feature parity with third-party offerings.


Wasteful Bob realizes, “’Tis the season to turn off our AWS EC2 instances.”

thanksgivingLoyal readers may recall that when we last left Wasteful Bob, as part of his transformation from being careless and wasteful to efficient and prudent, he was about to attend a webinar titled, “5 Ways to Reduce Your AWS Spending.”

The webinar (which you can view here) turned out to be helpful; Bob came away with a better understanding of the various (and confusing) AWS cost management options – Reserved Instances, Spot Instances, Autoscaling Groups. And he got more info something new called “parking,” from a clever company he met at AWS re:Invent called ParkMyCloud.

Bob was now looking forward to the Thanksgiving break…a four-day stretch away from work during which his only task was to monitor Slack a couple times a day. If an issue popped up, hopefully he could solve it remotely without having to trek into the office. The development team was off as well, so all should be quiet. Yup, for Bob, Thursday through Sunday was going to be about turkey, fixin’s, football–and a few well-timed, hibernation-style naps.


Wasteful Bob Finally Finds a Useful Technology Webinar

Who is Wasteful Bob? He’s the IT infrastructure guy who leaves his home AC blasting away while he’s at work, his car running all night, and the water on in the bathroom after he leaves. Bob was also squandering thousands of dollars a month at work because there was no easy way to automatically turn off his non-production AWS instances when they’re not being used by his company’s developers and testers.

Loyal readers may recall that when we last left Wasteful Bob, he had just had a huge awakening at AWS re:Invent. That’s where he discovered ParkMyCloud, an application that allows AWS customers to turn off non-production instances when they’re not in use – such as midnight to 7:00 a.m. or during weekends.


What is AWS SneakerNet? And What Happens When It Becomes Self-Aware!

aws sneakernetFrom our product launch to serving our first customers to developing new features, this fall has been super busy here at ParkMyCloud. Keeping up with the latest AWS news, upgrades and developments is going to be key to our ability to serve you, our clients.

However, when we read the title of 451 Research’s new report, “AWS packages ‘sneaker net’ – Prime two-day free shipping not included” by Peter Christy and Henry Baltazar, we clicked on the link with a little more enthusiasm than normal.