Bob finds a programmable “light switch” for AWS – at AWS re:Invent of all places

When last we left Bob – the wasteful and careless IT infrastructure guy who leaves his home AC blasting away while he’s at work, his car running all night, and the water on in the bathroom after he leaves – he was squandering thousands of dollars a month because there was no easy way to automatically turn off his non-production AWS instances when they’re not being used by his company’s developers and testers.


5 Things We Learned in our First 30 Days Providing Software as a Service (And, What’s Next for ParkMyCloud)

AWS reinventWell, here we are about 30 days after ParkMyCloud’s launch. I thought I would take a few moments to reflect on how it’s going and what we have learned in this month providing software as a service. As I type this, I am 38K feet above the ground on my way to AWS re:Invent, my 3rd year attending this event. It even sold out this year. In fact demand was great we even had random folks hitting us on asking if we had extra tickets to sell, like a sold out music or sporting event – go figure, this AWS thing is pretty hot, eh?


451 Research Report Shows “ParkMyCloud finds and saves money on idle cloud resources”

451-Research-logo-900x600Global technology research firm 451 Research has released a new report recognizing the full benefit of ParkMyCloud for AWS compute users. In the report, analyst William Fellows writes,  “Enterprises want a verifiable and rapid ROI; and they want ease of use and cost control. ParkMyCloud offers a way to view all compute services in a single dashboard, and to schedule on/off times for compute services in an automated way.”

You can download a free copy of the 451 Research report here.


Bob Leaves His AWS Instances On All Night. Don’t Be a Bob.

Meet Bob.

bob leaves his aws instances onEvery Friday, Bob goes to work and leaves his home air conditioning on full blast –  even though no one’s there. He arrives at the office, parks his car and leaves the engine running all day. When Bob goes to the restroom, he washes his hands and leaves the tap water on as he whistles his way back to his cubicle.

Then at 6 p.m. on Fridays, Bob performs what is perhaps his most egregious and wanton act of carelessness and waste: When he leaves the office for the weekend, he keeps all of his company’s AWS instances blazing away, even though no one’s using them.


Love AWS Cloud But Want to Reduce EC2 Waste? These 3 Companies Did Too.

Reduce AWS cloud waste

It has been quite a rush over the last few months. From when we closed our initial funding round in July to launching ParkMyCloud last Tuesday, we only had 71 days to develop an initial product, beta test it, revise and (mostly) perfect it for general availability.

This process wouldn’t have gone as well as it did without the active and value-added participation of our beta testers. All of them were extremely generous with their time. Their perspective was critical in our understanding of what the market needs, and drove our decisions on what features to add and what user experience was the easiest.