Love AWS Cloud But Want to Reduce EC2 Waste? These 3 Companies Did Too.

Reduce AWS cloud waste

It has been quite a rush over the last few months. From when we closed our initial funding round in July to launching ParkMyCloud last Tuesday, we only had 71 days to develop an initial product, beta test it, revise and (mostly) perfect it for general availability.

This process wouldn’t have gone as well as it did without the active and value-added participation of our beta testers. All of them were extremely generous with their time. Their perspective was critical in our understanding of what the market needs, and drove our decisions on what features to add and what user experience was the easiest.


The ParkMyCloud Story


ParkMyCloud is here to simplify cost reduction.

Cloud management platforms (CMPs) are expensive and complex. When the software world is going simple, why are cloud management tools so complicated? And why do these tools try to do so many things at once, rather than doing one or two things really well?