We pushed out a release over the weekend – most notably including the ability to park Auto Scaling Groups!  Here’s what’s new.

Parking Auto Scaling Groups

You now have the ability to park full Auto Scaling Groups. You can control Auto Scaling Groups in the same way that you can individual instances – with schedules and on/off toggles.

You will see these groups included on your dashboard:

Expanded auto scaling groups display

When an Auto Scaling Group is scheduled to be parked, ParkMyCloud will store the existing settings for minimum, desired, and maximum number of instances. Then, it will change those settings to Min, Desired, Max = (0,0,0) in AWS (while keeping the original values in our system) for the scheduled parking duration. Note that this means the individual instances will be terminated. When the instances are scheduled to run, we’ll set the parameters back to their original values and new instances will be spun up.

By the way, if you are using spot instances in those Auto Scaling Groups, we will be able to park those as well.

Updated Reporting

Since you can now manage your Auto Scaling Groups in ParkMyCloud, your downloadable reports will now be based on “resources” rather than “instances” – instances and Auto Scaling Groups will be considered resources. You’ll now be able to see parking savings for your Auto Scaling groups.

Detailed Information on Your Resources

You now have a much more detailed amount of information about each of your resources – whether instances or Auto Scaling Groups. Just click the “i” information button on the right side of the dashboard, and you’ll see a modal screen like the following:

Instance info

Plus, you now have access to our shiny new User Guide!

user guide link

Please let us know if you have any questions, and happy parking!


Current users can find more information about this release on our support site.

About Dale Wickizer

Dale brings over 30 years of technology and engineering experience to his role as co-founder and Chief Technology Office (CTO) at ParkMyCloud. After experiencing the problem of growing cloud spend first-hand, and discovering that there was no simple way to solve it, Dale teamed up with co-founder Jay Chapel to create ParkMyCloud to solve the problem of cloud waste. Before founding ParkMyCloud, Dale was the CTO of the U.S. Public Sector at NetApp, Inc. where he set the future technology and product direction and managed key customer relationships. Prior to NetApp, Dale was an Associate Partner and IT Infrastructure Architect at Accenture, where he helped large enterprises plan and execute IT transformations, data center consolidations, and application deployments. Dale holds both a Bachelor's and a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He and his wife, Barbara, reside in Springfield, VA.