ParkMyCloud Booth AWS summit chicagoLast week, ParkMyCloud was one of the partner sponsors of the AWS Chicago Summit 2016.

We attended AWS re:Invent last fall (and we’re already looking forward to the 2016 event in December!), but this was ParkMyCloud’s first AWS Summit.

Although the event was substantially smaller than re:Invent, we were pleasantly surprised by the number of people who visited our booth and on the number of meaningful conversations we had with companies across the board, from those just assessing AWS as an option to those with established and growing AWS footprints.

Keynote from Dr. Matt Wood

The event’s keynote was given by Dr. Matt Wood, the General Manager for Product Strategy at AWS. You can watch the entire keynote recording below:

Amazingly, AWS continues to grow quickly at a rate of 70% year-over-year and is now a $10B company. EC2 makes up more than 2/3 of that business, and at last report, was growing at 95% year-over-year.


There were a few announcements of new AWS products in the keynote (full list here).

AWS now uses SSD storage as the default for EBS (Elastic Block Store). SSD is wonderful for small block, random I/O (for example for OLTP databases), but it is not cost-effective for large block sequential workloads, such as video or image processing.

Therefore, AWS announced two new magnetic EBS storage offerings:

  • A throughput optimized EBS offering (ST1) providing up to 500 MB/sec of sequential performance. It costs $0.045 / GB / month.
  • There is also a cold storage version (SC1), providing up to 250 MB/sec, but costing only $0.025 / GB / month.



AWS Inspector also became generally available. Inspector is an automated security and vulnerability assessment. It checks the security posture of your application relative to defined best practices.

AWS also announced non-disruptive, automatic platform (OS) updates for Elastic BeanStalk deployments. This will definitely save time on managing BeanStalk implementations.


They leverage “Blue” / “Green” auto scaling groups behind the load balancer to do this non-disruptively. Blue is the current production environment. Green is the version being updated. Once complete, operation is cutover to “Green”.


AWS announced as beta the ability to create managed identity pools for Cognito. I am intrigued by this and how this, with multi-factor authentication (MFA), would compare with something like SAML 2.0 and MFA.


As usual there were some interesting customer talks. I found the one from Duolingo to be quite interesting. They offer 80 different language courses for free, supporting over 18 million users per month, running 6 billion exercises. Their whole environment is managed by 2 DevOps folks!



Not only is it eye-opening to see the innovations that AWS is continuously releasing into their ecosystem, it’s also great to meet and talk with AWS customers face-to-face and talk shop.

About Dale Wickizer

Dale brings over 30 years of technology and engineering experience to his role as co-founder and Chief Technology Office (CTO) at ParkMyCloud. After experiencing the problem of growing cloud spend first-hand, and discovering that there was no simple way to solve it, Dale teamed up with co-founder Jay Chapel to create ParkMyCloud to solve the problem of cloud waste. Before founding ParkMyCloud, Dale was the CTO of the U.S. Public Sector at NetApp, Inc. where he set the future technology and product direction and managed key customer relationships. Prior to NetApp, Dale was an Associate Partner and IT Infrastructure Architect at Accenture, where he helped large enterprises plan and execute IT transformations, data center consolidations, and application deployments. Dale holds both a Bachelor's and a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He and his wife, Barbara, reside in Springfield, VA.