AWS cost calculatorOn the ParkMyCloud blog so far, we’ve talked about what parking is, how parking saves money, and why you need to park your AWS instances. There’s one more important question – the most important, some would say.

How much money can you save with parking?

That’s why we created the ParkMyCloud AWS cost calculator – to provide a quick, accurate estimate of ParkMyCloud’s benefit to your company.

How to Use the Calculator

It’s easy to find out how much you can save using ParkMyCloud. From the AWS cost calculator, enter four pieces of information about your company’s cloud spending:

  • Monthly Cloud Spend – how much money your company spends on AWS products and services per month (US dollars)
  • Number of compute instances – this one’s simple enough. Our pricing tiers are based on number of instances in your account discovered by ParkMyCloud.
  • Compute Spend as a Percent of Overall Cloud Spend  –  how much of your company’s AWS bill is spent on EC2 compute instances (as opposed to storage or AWS other products and services). It’s okay to estimate.
  • Workload, percent production vs. non-production – non-production includes instances used for development, testing, staging, and QA. Since these instances are generally only needed during working hours, they are prime candidates to be parked. If you don’t know, 50% is a safe estimate.

After inputting this information, click “Calculate My Savings”. Your estimated savings on a monthly and annual basis will be displayed on the AWS cost calculator, as well as your payback. Most companies find their payback (for a 1 year subscription) to be less than two months. Since parking your instances with ParkMyCloud requires almost no effort on your part, that’s basically 10 months of free money sitting on the table!

Go ahead: see how much you can save.

Don’t forget, the results from our AWS cost calculator only relate to the direct savings your business can achieve from using ParkMyCloud to park your non-production instances.

Indirect savings result from having more oversight over your AWS Instances. By using ParkMyCloud´s single view dashboard to identify underused and unused resources, you can choose to reallocate these instances, move them to a cheaper pricing option or terminate them.

The increased level of oversight can also improve accountability. You will be able to draw down reports indicating the AWS cost savings achieved by each user, team or credential and policy changes as required. The reports can also assist with future project, capacity and budget planning.

Looking for a Microsoft Azure Cost Calculator?

Looking for a Microsoft Azure cost calculator? Or a Google Compute Engine cost calculator? You can use our AWS cost calculator to find out how much you could save with ParkMyCloud, and then click on the “Try it Now” button to register for your free trial.

About Dale Wickizer

Dale brings over 30 years of technology and engineering experience to his role as co-founder and Chief Technology Office (CTO) at ParkMyCloud. After experiencing the problem of growing cloud spend first-hand, and discovering that there was no simple way to solve it, Dale teamed up with co-founder Jay Chapel to create ParkMyCloud to solve the problem of cloud waste. Before founding ParkMyCloud, Dale was the CTO of the U.S. Public Sector at NetApp, Inc. where he set the future technology and product direction and managed key customer relationships. Prior to NetApp, Dale was an Associate Partner and IT Infrastructure Architect at Accenture, where he helped large enterprises plan and execute IT transformations, data center consolidations, and application deployments. Dale holds both a Bachelor's and a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He and his wife, Barbara, reside in Springfield, VA.