At the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Summit in New York City last Thursday, AWS CTO Werner Vogels gave the opening keynote. Any Vogels keynote will be peppered with announcements of new AWS products and services, and this one was no different.

Announcements included the launch of Amazon Kinesis Analytics and updates to Elastic Block Storage, Snowball, the AWS Key Management Service, and details on the forthcoming new AWS region. Vogels also welcomed Lyft, Airtime, and Comcast to the stage to discuss their learnings and gains with AWS.

Vogels also took time for a few moments of retrospective review about how far AWS has come – highlighting the way AWS and other cloud service providers shook up the entire economic model to switch from CapEx to OpEx, the explosion of AWS services in the last decade, and agility.

NYCsummitwerner-productsavvy“A core principle from Lean is to eliminate waste,” Vogels said. “Waste is anything that doesn’t benefit your customers.”

“Where agility really lives is in dev and test,” he continued. “Many say dev and test are not serious workloads. I think dev and test are the most serious workloads in your business, because that’s where agility lives.”

It’s true. And we recently found that about half of compute servers in Amazon are being used for development, testing, and other non-production workloads, so these serious workloads make up quite a bit of customers’ resources.

Vogels continued…

“One way to save really significant dollars in dev and test is to switch your resources off when you go home. Typically you can save up to 75% on their dev and test costs just by switching resources off when you go home.

So if you don’t take it from us, take it from someone who should know: turn off your instances when you go home.


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