As we wrap up 2018, we’ve taken a moment to reflect back on the best cloud blogs of 2018 – at least, the best posts on our own blog. We’ve created two categories for comparison: the Readers’ Choice – those you all have viewed the most – and our own favorite posts.

Readers’ Choice

These were the top 5 most viewed posts on the ParkMyCloud blog this year, and have been widely read and circulated:

  1. AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud Market Share 2018: Is AWS Still in the Lead? After Q1 earnings reports came in, the numbers showed the AWS remained in the lead despite tough competition from Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Alibaba Cloud.
  2. AWS vs Alibaba Cloud Pricing: A Comparison of Compute Options. More cloud users are starting to investigate Alibaba Cloud – the #4 public cloud provider by revenue – so we created this comparison of AWS vs Alibaba Cloud pricing.
  3. EC2 Instance Types Comparison (and how to remember them). AWS offers a range of EC2 instance types optimized for various purposes – which are a great resource, but can be overwhelming for beginners. This blog contains both an at-a-glance comparison table, as well as a video overview.
  4. How to Keep Costs in Check After Converting a Monolith to Microservices. After turning a  monolith to microservices, many organizations expect infrastructure costs to go down – but find exactly the opposite. Here are a few strategies for keeping microservices costs in control.
  5. How to Use Google Preemptible VMs to Get 80% Savings. Google Cloud’s Preemptible VM option offers a significant discount on the price of compute, as long as you’re willing to use VMs that will run for 24 hours or less. Here are a few use cases and a brief guide to get started.

Editor’s Choice

While not the most viewed posts on the blog, these posts are all great reads that look at various aspects of cloud services and costs. In no particular order:

  • $12.9 Billion in wasted cloud spend this year. Wasted cloud spend is a huge drain on organizational resources – and one that is mostly preventable. This post looks at the causes of that waste. Expect an updated version of this analysis for 2019!
  • 7 Ways Cloud Services Pricing is Confusing. If you’ve ever been confused by the bill or pricing charts you’ve seen from cloud service providers, you’re not alone. From terminology to visibility, there are a lot of factors that make the question “what will this cost me?” more complicated than it seems on the surface.
  • The Cost of Cloud Computing Is, in Fact, Dropping Dramatically. A popular blog post made the rounds early last year claiming that the cost of cloud was not dropping. We dug into the numbers and found that – yes, actually – it is.
  • Do Google Sustained Use Discounts Really Save You Money? The idea of the Sustained Use discount is that the longer you run a VM instance in any given month, the bigger discount you will get from the list price. We ran some analyses to show whether they save you money – and how much they save compared to other operating options.
  • 10,000 Years of Data Says Your Server Sizing is Wrong. As ParkMyCloud expands our cost optimization focus to include rightsizing, we have been working on some reports to see how big of a problem “wrong” sizing actually is. As it turns out, it’s a pretty big problem.

Thanks for making ParkMyCloud one of your own favorites for best cloud blogs in 2018! What type of content would you like to see more of in 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

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Katy Stalcup is the Director of Marketing for ParkMyCloud, where she’s responsible for a wide variety of content development, campaigns, and events. Since ParkMyCloud's founding, she's evangelized its message of simple cost savings and automation (seriously, in the words of one of our customers, "There is literally no reason not to use ParkMyCloud"). Katy is a Northern Virginia native who is happy to contribute to the region’s growing reputation as an East Coast gathering point for technology innovation - particularly as a graduate of the Alexandria, VA Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. She also earned bachelor’s degrees in communication and psychology from Virginia Tech. In her free time, she enjoys reading novels, playing strategy board games, and travel both near and far.

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