On this, the twelfth day of the second month in the fourteenth year of Public Cloud, I, one Cloud Waste Killer, vow to bring down my cloud computing cost.

The public cloud was founded in pursuit of elasticity, scalability, and efficiency. It is my duty to defend these principles to the best of my ability.

I will make a valiant effort to use my prowess to pursue that greatest good: optimization.

Thus, I declare:

I Will Value What Matters.

Before killing waste, I will take stock of my resources. I will thoroughly examine my environment to find what resources are used consistently and fully so that they shall not meet the wrath of my weapon. I will label them accordingly for governance and automation.

I Will Leave No Stone Unturned.

After applying virtual armor to the resources I intend to keep, I will examine what remains. I will use the tools at my disposal to discover sources of waste.

I Will Show No Mercy.

Be it dragons or oversized resources, I will face my demons and destroy them. There is no space for idlers in this domain. Upon gathering data, I will create my policies and enforce them, to turn resources off outside of necessary hours, resize them when diminishment is in order, and remove what is no longer needed.

I Will Remain Fearless in Times of Peril.

It is only natural that in this process, I shall encounter objectors, who feel tied to their resources or otherwise stand in the way of my mission to reduce cloud computing cost. These may include developers prone to the hapless deployment of enormous virtual machines, or those who carry willful ignorance of the “stop” function. I will remain a true stalwart in my efforts, and seek to educate before taking action. I will present facts about resource usage to expose the problem of cloud waste.

I Will Polish My Armor and My Sword.

A hero is only as good as his weapon. While I bestow faith in the powers of Automation, I shall not neglect the tools of my trade. I will use the cloud computing cost optimization tools at hand and take advantage of their automation capabilities. I will trust them, yet make time to review their recommendations.


I Will Defend the Realm.

I vow to fight against the rising tide of cloud computing cost in my organization.

I vow to protect my environment against idle and oversized resources.

I vow to kill cloud waste.

And you?