We are happy to announce that ParkMyCloud can now optimize costs for container services, beginning today with Amazon EKS (managed Elastic Kubernetes Service) cost optimization through scheduling. As container adoption grows faster than ever before, ParkMyCloud is here to ensure your costs are controlled and optimized.

Container Cost Optimization Is Needed – Now

Container adoption is growing. Gartner predicts that by 2023, more than 70% of global organizations will have more than two containerized applications in production – and that’s compared to less than 20% last year. That growth will, of course, come with greater spending on these technologies, with 451 Research predicting a $2.7 billion market this year, growing by 60% to $4.3 billion by 2022. In a customer survey we conducted earlier this year, 50% of users of EKS said they planned to either use it the same as this year (14%) or see increased usage (36%).

As is the case with compute and database resources, inefficient use of containers can cause significant wasted cloud spend. Sources of waste include: nonproduction pods that are idle outside of working hours, oversized pods, oversized nodes, and overprovisioned persistent storage. 

EKS Scheduling in ParkMyCloud

Since 2015, ParkMyCloud users have reduced cloud costs by identifying idle and over-provisioned compute and database resources, and programmatically scheduling and resizing them, saving enterprises around the world tens of millions of dollars.

Now, that same scheduling is available to reduce EKS costs. You can set schedules based on working hours and automatically assign those schedules with the platform’s policy engine. Better yet, see ParkMyCloud schedule recommendations for your resources based on your utilization data. 

Try it now:

  • If you are new to ParkMyCloud – start a free trial to get started.
  • If you have an existing ParkMyCloud account, please note you’ll have to update your IAM role permissions. Details available in the release notes
  • If you use another cloud or container service…we’ll catch up with you soon! See below.

More Container Optimization Coming Soon

This release is just the beginning of container optimization in ParkMyCloud. In the next few months, the platform will also support scheduling for Amazon ECS, AWS Fargate, Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).

In addition to container on/off scheduling, we also plan to provide Kubernetes Cluster rightsizing recommendations, and help you account for your containers when looking at buying reserved instances and savings plans.

Questions? Feature requests? We’d love to hear them. Comment below or contact us directly.

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