free cloud cost optimizationApril 18, 2017 (Sterling, VA) – ParkMyCloud, the SaaS platform that helps enterprises optimize public cloud spend, has announced a new pricing model, including the core cost savings functionality available in a free plan. The free cloud cost optimization plan was created to enable developers and DevOps practitioners to save money on non-production resources that are not being used nights and weekends. Currently, these practitioners are using homegrown scheduling scripts, which although they are “notionally free”, are actually are a suboptimal approach and require valuable in-house resources to develop and maintain.

ParkMyCloud is taking this burden off the shoulders of developers by offering its core automated instance scheduling functionality to all users, with or without a paid subscription. The account setup process typically takes customers less than 15 minutes. Then users can quickly create automated scheduling policies, so that their non-production resources, such as development, staging, test, and QA, are turned off when they are not needed, such as nights and weekends. A schedule that runs these instances during an 8-hour workday, 5 days a week, and “parks” them the rest of the week, saves 65% of the cost of the instance – all with minimal setup and maintenance time required.

In the new pricing structure, advanced features such as SSO, multi-cloud support, API, audit logs, and reporting will require subscription to a paid tier. The premium features have been added to support companies who are scaling in the public cloud or who need higher levels of governance or security.

The new model gives all new users access to a 14-day trial that allows them to experience all of the premium features. At the end of those 14 days, users can choose to subscribe to the plan that meets their needs.

Customer feedback has been positive regarding the ease of use and savings achieved. “ParkMyCloud has been great for us to reduce AWS costs,” said DevOps Engineer Tosin Ojediran. “We’re better staying within budget now. ParkMyCloud actually really exceeded my expectations. We sent the savings numbers to our CTO, and he said, ‘wow, this is awesome.’ It’s easy to use, it does what it’s supposed to use.”

About ParkMyCloud

ParkMyCloud is a SaaS platform that helps enterprises optimize their public cloud spend by automatically reducing resource waste — think “Nest for the cloud”. ParkMyCloud has helped customers such as McDonald’s, Capital One, Unilever, Fox, Sage Software, and Infor dramatically cut their cloud bills by up to 65%, delivering millions of dollars in savings. For more information, visit