Usually when we think of the cloud, we think of computers and databases and stuff someplace far away. It “just works” (usually) and we do not think of the numerous folks that maintain it and countless people that use it.

But it has a different feel now, as folks around the world are hunkering down at home or in crisis command centers, facing the new realities COVID-19 has brought us, and how its impact continues to evolve and develop. 

Paradoxically, while we’re physically further apart than ever before – we’re also drawn closer together, as we focus on this global health crisis and the rippling effects throughout all countries and industries. So let me pull aside this digital curtain for a moment, and say hello directly.

I’m aware that you, our customers and followers, are facing challenges you’ve never faced before. Those challenges will vary, from wild fluctuations in supply chains; to enormous digital demand on the technologies and platforms that enable us to stay connected (Zoom, Slack), fed (Instacart, UberEats), and healthy (Teladoc, Amwell).

From our little ParkMyCloud corner of the world – we would like to do what we can to help you and your business. Our values are built around cost optimization, simplifying complex problems, and transparency (or as I like to say, keeping things real.) These are all important more than ever today as we respond and reshape our operations, while maintaining trust with employees and customers.

If you want or need to save money in these times, we would like to help. Let us know and we can walk through your cloud environment together and give you some suggestions. And not just about how our software can help – we’ve collected a lot of knowledge about saving money in public cloud from some great companies and are happy to share where it might be able to help you. As always, ParkMyCloud’s cost optimization software is free to try. If you need a trial longer than 14 days, or need access to features above your current tier, please let me know.

And if there’s anything more we can do to assist you, we’re all ears. We’re all on the same team.



About Jay Chapel

Jay Chapel is the CEO and co-founder of ParkMyCloud. After spending several years in the cloud management space, Jay saw that there was no simple solution to the problem of wasted cloud spend - which led him to start ParkMyCloud in 2015. Before that, he spent 10+ years with Micromuse and IBM Tivoli, a provider of business infrastructure management software. After an acquisition by IBM, he led the successful sales integration and subsequent growth of the IBM Tivoli/Netcool business in Europe. He also held several regional and worldwide sales roles in Switzerland, the UK and the US. Jay earned both a BA in Finance and an MBA from West Virginia. Those few hours a month that Jay’s not busy with ParkMyCloud’s growth and success, you can find him on the ski slopes, on the soccer field, or on the golf course often accompanied by his three kids.