Reduce AWS cloud waste

It has been quite a rush over the last few months. From when we closed our initial funding round in July to launching ParkMyCloud last Tuesday, we only had 71 days to develop an initial product, beta test it, revise and (mostly) perfect it for general availability.

This process wouldn’t have gone as well as it did without the active and value-added participation of our beta testers. All of them were extremely generous with their time. Their perspective was critical in our understanding of what the market needs, and drove our decisions on what features to add and what user experience was the easiest.

For example, David Levinger, Senior Director of Information Technology at Paxata, a data preparation solution, met with the ParkMyCloud development team in early August. David’s interest in ParkMyCloud was that his team creates and destroys spot instances each day, and is looking at other ways to save money on their AWS cloud bill.

After a 20 minute demo, David said, “Whenever your boss comes over and says ‘Hey, why are we spending $8,000 a month on EC2?’ you can show him how much you’re saving with parking.  This is exactly the type of tool companies need. It’s simple and clean, and it’s an easy way to get cost savings on development resources you aren’t using.”

“I love how simple it is,” he added.

How simple is ParkMyCloud?

  1. Connect: Log In to AWS and Discover Your EC2 Instances
  2. Park: Schedule On/Off Times for Your Instances
  3. Smile: See Cost Reductions By the Following Day

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Another beta tester, Don Magrogan, Chief Technology Officer of FusionPPT, said, “We know our people are in and out of AWS all the time, but usually not during the night or on the weekends. We set ParkMyCloud to turn the servers off at 7:00 p.m. and back on at 7:00 a.m on weekdays, and off during the weekend, which has reduced our AWS bill by 50% or so. It’s nice and simple to use.”

Finally, Rob Wyant, Chief Technology Officer of Yapper, a provider of community engagement software based in Washington, DC raved, “ParkMyCloud saved my company a significant percentage of our monthly Amazon bill. In less than 15 minutes we were all set up, had identified several unused server instances, and applied parking schedules to our development systems to reduce spend during off hours. As a startup, my cofounder and I appreciate the immediate and obvious savings. The ParkMyCloud team has built a great product!”

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About Jay Chapel

Jay Chapel is the CEO and co-founder of ParkMyCloud. After spending several years in the cloud management space, Jay saw that there was no simple solution to the problem of wasted cloud spend - which led him to start ParkMyCloud in 2015. Before that, he spent 10+ years with Micromuse and IBM Tivoli, a provider of business infrastructure management software. After an acquisition by IBM, he led the successful sales integration and subsequent growth of the IBM Tivoli/Netcool business in Europe. He also held several regional and worldwide sales roles in Switzerland, the UK and the US. Jay earned both a BA in Finance and an MBA from West Virginia. Those few hours a month that Jay’s not busy with ParkMyCloud’s growth and success, you can find him on the ski slopes, on the soccer field, or on the golf course often accompanied by his three kids.