While ParkMyCloud was exhibiting at DeveloperWeek New York 2017, we had a chance to talk to a lot of developers about how to optimize dev instance costs on their personal projects outside of their normal day job.  When asked where they host these development instances, I heard time and time again how the major public cloud providers (like AWS, Azure, and Google Compute)  can be overly expensive to run for such small projects.  Many choose to use something like Heroku or spin up local VMs just to save some money, even though it might be less convenient – cost trumps convenience when it’s your own money.

While chatting about these side projects, I got the chance to talk about how some ParkMyCloud customers choose to use the “always parked” schedule within ParkMyCloud to have development instances ready to go when they are ready to work on them.  By clicking a single button in the ParkMyCloud interface, you can temporarily disable the parking schedule for the specific length of time that you need to have the dev instance powered on, ParkMyCloud can automatically turn the instance back off when you’re done so you don’t have to remember to shut everything down.

Many developers I talked to were shocked that they didn’t think of an approach like this for their development instances!  This method allows someone to run their services on standard public cloud platforms without worrying about wasted cloud spend, which lets them develop it anywhere and anytime.  A couple folks said they like that the cloud lets them connect from their desktop, laptop, or even a thinner client like a tablet or chromebook.

Here’s the kicker that really pushed these developers over the edge — ParkMyCloud has a fully free tier, no credit card required.  This option is perfect for personal projects or small teams, as it allows unlimited instances to be under management at no cost and with no installation.  Setup is simple, and the power of the platform is evident when you first log in.

The simplicity of the parking and scheduling features of ParkMyCloud allow the freedom to use AWS, Azure, or Google Compute for side projects along with day-to-day work tasks.  By freeing you from worrying about dev instance costs or wasted money, ParkMyCloud can help enable you to make great products and tools while doing what you love.  So take that idea you’ve always wanted to work on, fire up some development instances in your favorite public cloud, and let ParkMyCloud manage your environment for free today!

About Chris Parlette

Chris Parlette is the Director of Cloud Solutions at ParkMyCloud. Chris helps customers reduce their cloud waste and manage their hybrid infrastructures by drawing on his years of experience working at various software startups. From SaaS to on-prem, virtualization to cloud, monitoring tools to cloud management platforms, and small businesses to large enterprises, Chris has seen it all and loves helping drive improvements to IT management. Chris earned a BS in Computer Science from the University of Maryland. He and his wife, Megan, reside in Silver Spring, MD.