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Can You “ec2:Describe” Your Problem?

Sometimes a blog post can be used to inform or instruct. Sometimes it can be used to inspire. Other times, it can be used to commiserate, as in “Are you seeing what I’m seeing, or am I going crazy?”  This is the latter type. Let me explain ... We are a small startup...

[Watch] 5 Ways to Reduce Your AWS Spending

Navigating Amazon Web Services’ compute services and discovering the best mix of instance purchasing options and cost-saving measures for your EC2 environment can be challenging. Last week, ParkMyCloud hosted a webinar, 5 Ways to Reduce Your AWS Spending. In the...

How to Leverage AWS Tags for Parking

ParkMyCloud allows you to apply parking schedules (essentially on/off times) to compute instances that aren’t currently in use to save money. Great! So how do you figure out what you can park? How to Determine What to Park First, look at your development or...

The ParkMyCloud Story

  ParkMyCloud is here to simplify cost reduction. Cloud management platforms (CMPs) are expensive and complex. When the software world is going simple, why are cloud management tools so complicated? And why do these tools try to do so many things at once, rather...

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