Leading automated scheduling tool for Amazon Web Services to highlight cost savings automation features at iconic TechCrunch Disrupt event hot off the heels of seed funding round

Days after announcing their seed funding round, ParkMyCloud shares that it will showcase its software at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco today.

ParkMyCloud will demo its SaaS platform in Startup Alley, showing attendees how it brings a simple solution to the complex problem of wasted cloud spend. ParkMyCloud automates the process of cloud cost savings to schedule on/off times for idle non-production cloud computing servers, so users pay only for the time they actually use.

In addition to the features already loved by customers – like its easy-to-use UI, single-view dashboard, and parking recommendations – ParkMyCloud will highlight new features. In particular it will share its upcoming automated policy engine, lightning-fast orchestration capabilities, and ability to park a broader range of AWS services including auto scaling groups.

“Coming off the heels of our seed round, it’s exciting to get back out in the user community, talking about our technology and feeling the energy of the crowd,” said Jay Chapel, CEO & Co-Founder of ParkMyCloud. “TechCrunch Disrupt is a great opportunity for us to connect with other innovators and tech fans.”

“We always encourage our Fishbowl companies to get out and show off their products — especially at events in the AOL family, like TechCrunch Disrupt,” said Nicholas Bagg, Managing Director of the AOL Fishbowl Labs incubator in Dulles, VA, where ParkMyCloud is a portfolio company. “We’re thrilled with ParkMyCloud’s success so far, and happy to be a part of its growth.”

About ParkMyCloud
ParkMyCloud is a simple, single-purpose SaaS tool that enables users to automatically schedule on/off times for their idle non-production cloud computing servers (also known as “parking”), so they pay only for the time they actually use and avoid wasted spending. Customers, which include McDonald’s, Sage Software, Neustar, Avid, Wolters Kluwer and ZestFinance, save 60% or more on non-production spend. For more information, visit http://www.parkmycloud.com.

About Katy Stalcup

Katy Stalcup is the Director of Marketing for ParkMyCloud, where she’s responsible for a wide variety of content development, campaigns, and events. Since ParkMyCloud's founding, she's evangelized its message of simple cost savings and automation (seriously, in the words of one of our customers, "There is literally no reason not to use ParkMyCloud"). Katy is a Northern Virginia native who is happy to contribute to the region’s growing reputation as an East Coast gathering point for technology innovation - particularly as a graduate of the Alexandria, VA Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. She also earned bachelor’s degrees in communication and psychology from Virginia Tech. In her free time, she enjoys reading novels, playing strategy board games, and travel both near and far.