ParkMyCloud is here to simplify cost reduction.

Cloud management platforms (CMPs) are expensive and complex. When the software world is going simple, why are cloud management tools so complicated? And why do these tools try to do so many things at once, rather than doing one or two things really well?

ParkMyCloud avoids the Swiss Army Knife approach.

A Two-Year Market Analysis

The term CMP describes a very broad range of tools (often bundled together), which are used to provision, govern, orchestrate, and analyze all things cloud. In part, this bundling has been driven by the desire to solve a multitude of enterprise IT problems, including self-service IT, shadow IT, application migration and tuning, DevOps processes, and cost governance, to name a few. And all of this from within a single platform.

In the race to the top, more features and more capabilities have been bolted onto the CMP chassis – much like a three-inch thick pocket knife loaded with everything from a magnifying glass to tweezers. This “Swiss Army Knife” approach of bundled software and services means that few enterprises see a real return on investment (ROI).

While creating Ostrato’s CMP, we spent two years speaking to hundreds of enterprise clients – from Fortune 100 companies to startups– each of whom explained what features would help them manage the cloud. We spoke to countless analysts covering the cloud space, as well as VCs evaluating where to deploy capital. Gradually, we began to sense that we (and others like us) were thinking about solving cloud management problems in the wrong way.

It now seems so obvious. We recognized the opportunity to take a CMP from multi-function to single purpose, from complex to simple, and from expensive to cost-effective. We want to learn from the best, like MailChimp, Dropbox, and Basecamp – all technologies we use daily to meet our own distinct business needs.

We decided to take on the biggest challenge enterprises of any size face in using cloud services – controlling an ever-growing bill. But we wanted to do it in a simple, elegant, and cost-effective way, so customers could be up and running within 15 minutes, reducing their cloud computing services spending by the next day and achieving payback in less than one month.

Our new solution is ParkMyCloud. ParkMyCloud is a simple-to-use, single-purpose SaaS tool that reduces cloud spend by parking idle compute services. On average, 66% of an AWS bill (EC2) is spent on compute services . Many of these instances don’t need to run 24x7x365, so it makes sense to turn off and “park” them, just like parking your car in the driveway at night or turning your lights off when you’re not home.

We heard from customers that they would love the ability to “park” their instances in a simple manner so they could get savings when their compute services were when not in use. A recent survey we conducted supports this feedback, and established that half of our customers’ compute services could be turned off at least 60% of the time each week.

What is ParkMyCloud?

ParkMyCloud is a lightweight web app that lets AWS customers (Azure and Google coming soon) schedule regular “on/off” times for all of their compute services. This process is called “parking”. The benefit is that companies will only pay for the time they actively use cloud compute services (i.e. 7:00 a.m. – midnight, but not midnight – 7:00 a.m.) — resulting in immediate cost reductions of 20% or more on their AWS bills.

How does ParkMyCloud work?

  1. Connect: Log In to AWS and Discover Your EC2 Instances
  2. Park: Schedule On/Off Times for Your Instances
  3. Smile: See Cost Reductions By the Following Day

An organization spending $5K per month on their public cloud infrastructure can easily save 21% a month using ParkMyCloud’s parking calendars.

That’s $12,731 a year in hard dollar savings. Not too shabby for a $29/month investment.

The great news for us is that ParkMyCloud is built on and leverages the R&D and software development investments we’ve made over the last several years.

Enough from us at ParkMyCloud. Tell us what you think.

About Jay Chapel

Jay Chapel is the CEO and co-founder of ParkMyCloud. After spending several years in the cloud management space, Jay saw that there was no simple solution to the problem of wasted cloud spend - which led him to start ParkMyCloud in 2015. Before that, he spent 10+ years with Micromuse and IBM Tivoli, a provider of business infrastructure management software. After an acquisition by IBM, he led the successful sales integration and subsequent growth of the IBM Tivoli/Netcool business in Europe. He also held several regional and worldwide sales roles in Switzerland, the UK and the US. Jay earned both a BA in Finance and an MBA from West Virginia. Those few hours a month that Jay’s not busy with ParkMyCloud’s growth and success, you can find him on the ski slopes, on the soccer field, or on the golf course often accompanied by his three kids.