read the headlines from public cloud price cuts to securityI’m sure you all have had a busy first week of December — and likely not much time to keep up with the headlines. That’s why we put together a quick Friday afternoon summary of a few IT and cloud articles we passed around the office this week.

The Headline: The new IT mindset should be all about the business

From: Bob Plankers at TechTarget

TL;DR: Though IT folks are inclined to stay wrapped up in technical issues, if they do this, the business will move on without them.

Key Quote: “[I’ve] acted like a high priest of IT, holding the business hostage if I didn’t like something that was going on. But it’s become obvious that the IT mindset needs to change.”

The ParkMyCloud Take:  Project management certification and the ability to gather requirements aren’t just bullets for your resume — they’re what will keep you relevant, engaged, and in touch with my coworkers. Aim to impress and understand.


The Headline: Google, Amazon Price Cuts Seen Squeezing IBM and VMware in 2016

From: Gerrit De Vynck at BloombergBusiness

TL;DR: Next year, look out for not only price cuts in the major public cloud providers, but also mergers and acquisitions of security and data analytics companies.

Key Quote:As legacy technology companies find it harder to compete with the dominant players in data-storage services, there may be more acquisitions of security and data-analytics companies.”

The ParkMyCloud Take: Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are always going to drop their prices — the differentiation is going to come in security. Data analytics sounds appealing, but isn’t practical until you can take action (hint, hint — that’s where parking comes in).


The Headline: AWS cloud access control falls on IT’s shoulders

From: Alan R. Earls at TechTarget’s SearchAWS

TL;DR: AWS provides tools for security, such as the AWS Web Application Firewall, Access Control Lists, the AWS Key Management Service, and AWS Identity and Access Management — however, IT needs to take the lead to put roles and access in place.

Key Quote: “While AWS provides tools, admins need to do the legwork.”

The ParkMyCloud take: We hear what you’re saying — IAM roles are essential for many companies using AWS, which is why we’re adding IAM role support to ParkMyCloud, coming in January. Stay tuned!
Have a great weekend!

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