Case Studies

Cloud cost optimization case studies: See how our customers are benefitting from using ParkMyCloud

Global Azure User

Global Azure User Case Study

Global Company Saves $75,000 Per Year on Azure with ParkMyCloud

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Cofense Case Study

Cofense Optimizes Multi-Cloud Environment with ParkMyCloud Using Rightsizing and Resource Scheduling

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Workfront Case Study

Workfront Adopts ParkMyCloud Globally to Save $200,000 Per Year on Multi-Cloud Environment

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Hitachi ID Systems

Hitachi ID Systems Case Study

Hitachi ID Systems Automates Manual Processes with ParkMyCloud

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Sysco Case Study

Sysco Migrates to Cloud-Only Strategy; Optimizes with ParkMyCloud

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Qcentive Case Study

Qcentive Controls AWS Costs & Enables Cloud Computing in Healthcare

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FinTech DevOps Team

FinTech DevOps Team Case Study

How One FinTech DevOps Team Automates Cost Optimization Using ParkMyCloud

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Foster Moore

Foster Moore Case Study

Foster Moore Saves 30-40% on AWS, Enforces User Governance with ParkMyCloud

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Tristar Medical Group

Tristar Medical Group Case Study

Tristar Medical Group Uses ParkMyCloud to Serve Australia’s Healthcare Industry, Cost Effectively

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Wolfpack Case Study

Startup Wolfpack uses ParkMyCloud to Save 65% on AWS; Reduce Burn

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Fusion PPT

Fusion PPT Case Study

Fusion PPT Reduces AWS Bill by 30% Using ParkMyCloud

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Avid Case Study

ParkMyCloud helps Avid reduce annual AWS spending by $55k

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