Cofense Optimizes Multi-Cloud Environment with ParkMyCloud Using Rightsizing and Resource Scheduling

Cofense Optimizes Multi-Cloud Environment with ParkMyCloud Using Rightsizing and Resource Scheduling

The Challenge

Cofense is a ten-year-old SaaS company in the cybersecurity space. Todd Morgan, a Senior Systems Engineer in the IT department, manages their resources in their multiple cloud service providers.

The IT department had been using a cloud tool for security purposes, but when that tool no longer met their needs, they started a search for a new one. They decided to expand the scope and try to find a platform that would meet a multitude of needs around their cloud resources: not only security but also configuration management, cost optimization, and more. After an ongoing search, Todd found that the marketplace is lacking a tool that met all of their requirements. Moving forward, he chunked out the requirements into buckets and began to look for complementing toolsets with narrower scope and features.

The cost management portion of the team’s requirements included a way to find idle resources that were running 24×7, when they were only needed during working hours. They also wanted to discover when resources were overprovisioned so they could “rightsize” them. They wanted a tool that would give insight to make better business decisions about cloud resources across their cloud providers.

The Solution

Todd heard about ParkMyCloud from a colleague and quickly learned that it would meet Cofense’s cloud cost optimization needs in their multi-cloud environment. He set up a 14-day free trial, which was a simple process: “ParkMyCloud made setup turnkey and very easy.” During the trial, the team saved money immediately through on/off schedules, which made the ROI value of the platform evident.

The team’s search for cloud security and configuration management tools has been challenging. In contrast, Todd said of the team’s evaluation of ParkMyCloud for cost management, “the product met our requirements and it’s clearly best in class – so we bought it immediately.”

The Result

Todd is able to review the usage metrics provided by ParkMyCloud to find opportunities for rightsizing and scheduling resources to turn off when not needed, which he reviews with the resource owner before applying an on/off schedule. Users are also given the ability to override schedules in the event that they need a resource when it’s scheduled to be turned off.

The new policy for Cofense’s non-production cloud resources is that new resources are scheduled by default, so that they are running during working hours unless otherwise specified. In the short term, they will be looking to leverage ParkMyCloud’s policy engine to automatically assign schedules to new resources based on tags. An additional benefit they team has found is that ParkMyCloud’s analytics show some resources that are not being used at all, which can be terminated entirely.

Ultimately, all of the schedules lead to the goal of optimized costs. Todd said, “the cost savings we gain using ParkMyCloud is sizable.”

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