Global Company Saves $75,000 Per Year on Azure with ParkMyCloud

Global Company Saves $75,000 Per Year on Azure with ParkMyCloud

The Challenge

Ben Verlander is a Network & Communications Specialist at a global company. His team is responsible for managing Microsoft Azure infrastructure that is used by developers throughout the company.

When Ben joined the team, he saw that all Azure virtual machines were left running 24×7 – including development resources that were only needed during the work week. He knew immediately that these resources needed to be turned off when not in use in order to reduce their Azure bill. Ideally, they should be able to do this in a customizable way that would allow for on/off schedules to accommodate their global team across time zones, and also allow developers to override schedules as needed.

The Solution

At first, Ben looked into native tools provided by Azure. He found that through the Azure console, it’s possible to set schedules to shut down machines, but users would have to manually turn them back on. Plus, not all developers have permissions to access the Azure account to manage their virtual machines, and overriding a schedule would be complicated.

Then he heard about ParkMyCloud from a former colleague, so he looked into it and started a trial. Ben said, “I looked around at other solutions, and to me, this one stood out as the best solution to the problem.”

After getting a trial set up and setting on/off schedules on their non-production servers, the team was able to save $6,000 in the first month alone.

The Result

The organization has been using ParkMyCloud for over a year, and saves $75,000 annually on 20 Azure virtual machines by scheduling them to turn off 12 hours per day on weekdays and all day on the weekends. By leveraging utilization data recommendations, they also found several servers that had been left running and were no longer used at all, so they turned those off completely.

Each machine has its own schedule depending on where in the world the developers are located. Additionally, developers have access with RBAC to use ParkMyCloud to override schedules as needed, in case they need to use resources when they’re scheduled to be stopped. This saves Ben time, as previously he needed to handle these requests manually since developers didn’t have permission to access the Azure environment directly.

Ben said, “Your team has been very easy to work with and customer service has always been great. Anyone I know that is using Azure, I always tell them about the product. It’s such a great way to save money and for the overall cost – you can’t beat it. “

He added, “we hit the jackpot.”

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About Global Azure User

Global Azure User

Ben Verlander is a Network & Communications specialist at a global company. His manages Microsoft Azure infrastructure and uses ParkMyCloud to automatically optimize Azure costs.