Hitachi ID Systems Automates Manual Processes with ParkMyCloud

Hitachi ID Systems Automates Manual Processes with ParkMyCloud

The Challenge

Hitachi ID Systems makes identity and access management (IAM) software. Patrick McMaster is the training coordinator, which means he’s responsible for getting clients and potential partners up to speed with how to install, use, and administer their software.

This training takes place in a virtual environment, for which Hitachi ID uses AWS. In the past, setting up training sessions was a manual, time-consuming process for Patrick and his team. They would spin up the VMs, update, and send information to students manually. Once the course was over, they had to go through another manual process of shutting everything down and turning off the virtual machines on AWS.

The training systems require a number of VMs running per student or team that only need to be active during the team’s local business hours, plus some additional supporting infrastructure which is required 24/7. The problem was, as they got more students and began offering self-paced training, AWS fees increased due to the 24/7 access. At the same time, they struggled with the manual processes that went along with managing individualized infrastructure across multiple time zones and multiple geographic locations, without paying for excess time. Hitachi ID Systems was experiencing a period of rapid growth and the needed to find a solution quickly.

The Solution

The training team knew that they needed to automate the time-consuming, manual processes. As a software company, their first instinct was to create their own systems – and they certainly had the talent to do so, but what they never had was enough time. As Patrick put it, “I’ve come to terms more and more every year with the benefits of delegating to the other sources. I realized that we are probably not the first organization to have this problem, so I Googled and found ParkMyCloud.” 

Once Patrick saw a demo of ParkMyCloud and started a free trial, he was quickly able to connect to his AWS account and start strategizing parking schedules. Patrick said, “There was definitely a moment where everyone in the room looked each other and said, “we must be missing something” – seemed too easy to work. But it really was that easy.”

The Result

After the first week of creating parking schedules and educating users, the bulk of Patrick and his team’s effort was over. Now, they only need to log into ParkMyCloud’s dashboard and make rare exceptions or new schedules. The time spent managing infrastructure uptime is now around 2 hours a week, whereas before it may have been a 1-2 day struggle. He says, “It’s been a huge improvement.”

So how much is Hitachi saving on AWS spending? “Since we started using ParkMyCloud, our finance department has gotten very very quiet. No news is good news from finance. We are saving about 40% of our bill.”

Hitachi just celebrated their one year anniversary with ParkMyCloud as one happy customer. They look forward to ParkMyCloud’s upcoming “rightsizing” capabilities – “that’s definitely something that we could use. We are always trying to find better ways of doing things.”

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