Managed Services Provider AC3 Automatically Optimizes Customers’ Cloud Environments with ParkMyCloud

Managed Services Provider AC3 Automatically Optimizes Customers’ Cloud Environments with ParkMyCloud

The Challenge

AC3 is a managed services provider based in Australia that provides consulting and management services for cloud, infrastructure, data, software integration, and cybersecurity. They have more than 1,000 customers, ranging from companies who know they’re not using their technology efficiently or effectively, to enterprise organizations looking to scale and highly regulated organizations like government agencies of financial services, all at various stages on their cloud journeys.

Greg Cockburn, Principle Practice Lead at AC3, manages the company’s public cloud offerings, in addition to cybersecurity and software & data integration. This means he and his team are constantly balancing decisions about which problems they will solve with internally developed software vs. a third-party solution; as well as whether AC3 will handle infrastructure management on behalf of their customers or if the customer needs access directly.

One such decision was required regarding customers’ needs to customize on/off schedules for their public cloud resources. Occasionally, Greg’s team had managed similar needs with an internally developed script, but it required an AC3 engineer to understand the customers’ problem, talk with the customer, create a ticket, create a schedule manually, test, close the ticket, and manage any future changes or problems. This did not provide users with full control to create, apply, and override schedules.

The Solution

Greg was introduced to ParkMyCloud’s cost optimization platform and realized he could use it for AWS and Azure resource scheduling and resizing for his customers. He found the interface easy to use, and the pricing model attractive. 

As a proof-of-concept, he on-boarded a customer, and the users were happy with the out-of-the-box experience. They were able to schedule their non-production resources to turn off when not needed to save money, with easy management by putting their resources in logical groups. They also appreciated the ability to override schedules as needed, for example, so they could turn off resources for days or weeks at a time, or keep them running for longer periods for load testing, vulnerability testing, and similar variable tasks.

The Result

Today, many AC3 customers use ParkMyCloud, saving thousands of dollars every month on their AWS and Azure bills. Additionally, Greg’s team has saved a huge amount of time and manual labor by using ParkMyCloud’s automated cloud cost control platform. Rather than requiring manual work from an engineer, a member of the customer success team can now spin up a ParkMyCloud account for new AC3 customers, which easily connects to their AWS and/or Azure accounts and requires no customization work from AC3. 

ParkMyCloud’s reporting and logs are integrated into AC3’s internal monitoring system, so they can track everything alongside their other offerings. AC3 also has the option to manage multiple customers’ ParkMyCloud accounts through their MSP dashboard. 

Greg and his team appreciate how responsive ParkMyCloud’s team has been to new features and support suggestions. Greg says, “the interface is simple and the pricing model is simple. It’s just really easy.”

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About AC3


AC3 is a privately owned Australian ICT Managed Services Provider (MSP). Founded in 1999, their purpose is to make technology real and with over 14.000 virtual machines under management, they do this for more than half of the NSW State Government agencies and over 700 commercial customers.

AC3 has a long-standing and highly regarded history as an MSP, with deep expertise in hybrid cloud. As an anchor tenant in the NSW state government data centre, they are trusted to manage the government’s most sensitive data. This government grade security is carried across their commercial customers, like SBS, Woolworths and Movember.

AC3 is a business built on its people. They believe magic happens when they combine their people with the best technologies. When you partner with AC3, you have access to the best cloud solutions and the best people to help you find clarity in the cloud. Learn more at