Tristar Medical Group Uses ParkMyCloud to Serve Australia’s Healthcare Industry, Cost Effectively

Tristar Medical Group Uses ParkMyCloud to Serve Australia’s Healthcare Industry, Cost Effectively

The Challenge

Tristar Medical Group provides high quality, accessible and affordable medical services to regional, rural and metropolitan areas in Australia. Given that Tristar is the largest privately owned health services provider in Australia, the IT team has no small task. They need to centrally manage their hybrid cloud infrastructure while delivering support to clinics and users.

In the healthcare industry, providing continuity of care is crucial. This required Tristar to run servers which could be accessed at all hours by their medical centers. With multiple clinics, running across multiple time zones, and users accessing different servers, the operational expense of running AWS EC2 instances became substantial.

The Solution

“With the increasing OpEx costs, we knew we had to scale down on servers and instances,” said Tristar CTO Dewald Botha. “This led us to two conclusions. Either spend a large amount of capital upfront to increase the efficiency of our VDI solution, or automate and fine-tune our AWS servers to maximize output.”

Botha determined that an application that could schedule instances would be the easiest way to optimize their spending. That’s when he found ParkMyCloud. The team started a free trial and found it easy to use, flexible, and best of all, able to provide the savings they needed.

The Result

Using ParkMyCloud, Tristar is saving 40-60% on their AWS bill, depending on operational needs.

Now that they’re able to schedule their servers, Tristar has started to move a lot of their current traditional datacenter instances across to AWS. Once this migration is complete, they predict savings between $15,000 and $20,000 per month – that’s up to $240,000 per year.

Being in the medical industry, privacy and security is also a big concern for Tristar.  With the secure integration between ParkMyCloud to Amazon through IAM Policies, their IT team is confident that their data is safe and secure and that there is a secure division between what can be accessed and what cannot.

“Thus far our experience with ParkMyCloud rates a 10/10,” said Botha.  “In our journey we trialed and tested a couple of schedule-like services, but none as easy to use and flexible as ParkMyCloud.  Everyone on my team finds it incredibly straightforward to use and the core functionality complements our organizational needs completely.”

“All in all we are extremely happy with the product,” Botha continued. “What has been exceptional, in an industry that is seemingly dominated by large corporates and interaction with nameless employees, is that every time I have been in contact with the ParkMyCloud team, they have been forthcoming and attentive to any suggestions – which is really great from a customer experience perspective.”

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About Tristar Medical Group

Tristar Medical Group

About Tristar Medical Group

Tristar Medical Group is a proactive and progressive management group which specialises in providing high quality, accessible, multidisciplinary, integrated health care to regional and rural communities. With 46 fully computerised bulk-billing practices currently operating throughout Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory, Tristar prides itself on offering traditional family medical services to all patients. Learn more at