Web Development Firm Brainjocks Optimizes Three-Cloud Environment; Saves Time with ParkMyCloud

Web Development Firm Brainjocks Optimizes Three-Cloud Environment; Saves Time with ParkMyCloud

The Challenge

Brainjocks is a web design and development implementation company that utilizes partners with Sitecore, Episerver, and WordPress solutions to provide its own product to help companies build and manage websites. The Brainjocks team creates and updates websites that are most frequently hosted for clients, often hosting them on public cloud servers.

Sean Brundle is a DevOps engineer on a team of five, who support 90 other employees throughout the company. The company’s infrastructure supports internal operations and client websites, and consists of servers across AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud – each of which they use for different reasons. Google Cloud is the least expensive, great for internal servers and lower environment testing for client sites. For advanced continuous integration support of Teamcity and cloud storage needs using S3, they rely on AWS. Microsoft Azure offers the best features for the team’s production needs and includes the most integrations with development tools such as SQL server and Visual Studio.

Sean was tasked with reviewing costs across these three clouds and finding efficiencies. He knew that turning resources on and off, automatically, was a crucial element of the solution. The team already had a policy of leaving QA servers turned off when not needed, but it was manual – which meant that when the Brainjocks QA team in Europe needed to use servers at the beginning of their workday, they had to ping Sean or one of his teammates at 3:00 AM in their Atlanta, Georgia headquarters.

Initially, Sean planned to build a custom application for employees to check the status of their servers and request them to be turned on/off. However, after scoping the project, Sean realized it would require a significant time investment, and decided to see if there was an existing tool in the market that would meet their needs.

The Solution

As part of his research into the problem, Sean found ParkMyCloud. Sean said, “I had a demo with the team, and saw that ParkMyCloud did everything I wanted plus much, much more.”

Soon after that demo, Brainjocks set up their account in ParkMyCloud to manage their multi-cloud environment. They found implementation easy and straightforward, automating schedules quickly on their QA resources.

Various users throughout the company – and the globe – were given access to manage their own resources in ParkMyCloud, so they can override schedules and work as needed, without waking anyone up in the middle of the night.

The Result

Once they started using ParkMyCloud, Sean and the rest of the Brainjocks team were hooked. It was easy to manage resources and user access to those resources. It saved weeks or months of development that would have been spent on a custom solution.

In the first three months of use, the team reduced their public cloud bills by more than $10,000 and reaped additional benefits by reducing team investment into research and problem solving. Additionally, by keeping server costs in check, Brainjocks has a lower cloud bill to pass on to clients, which is great for the customer relationship.

It’s easy for the DevOps team to keep an eye on their infrastructure through Slack notifications, so they always know the status of critical servers. They plan to use ParkMyCloud’s new RightSizing capabilities to resize resources for cost savings as well.

As for automation? Sean said, “ParkMyCloud does an amazing job with that.”

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