The Path to Long-Term Cloud Cost Optimization

Many articles addressing the topic of cloud cost optimization suggest businesses review their deployed resources and see where savings can be made by reassigning them to cheaper pricing plans, regions and types. This is good advice, except for the fact that most businesses will have placed their resources into the most appropriate plan, region and type when first deploying them. Therefore the savings that could be achieved by performing this exercise will likely be minimal.

Another suggestion is to take advantage of prepayment discounts, or Reserved Instances in the case of Amazon´s AWS. This too would be a good way to optimize cloud costs if it were not for the fact that cloud costs have been tumbling over the past few years. If you were to commit to a three-year prepayment, further price reductions would lessen the impact of how much money is saved. Furthermore, cloud cost reduction is not the same as cloud cost optimization.

So, what is Cloud Cost Optimization?

Cloud cost optimization is finding the right balance between cost and performance and then maintaining it. In order to achieve cloud cost optimization, it is necessary to have total visibility over your cloud accounts and control over future deployment. Without total visibility and control, there is no accountability, and therefore no governance. Without governance, whatever steps you take today to optimize cloud costs today could be undone tomorrow.

For this reason, taking cost-cutting steps such as assigning developers to write scheduling scripts for non-production resources is not an effective way to optimize cloud costs. Although scripting will result in temporarily reducing your cloud computing bill, it could cost more for the developers to write the scripts than you would actually save. Also, there is still a lack of control over future deployment, which can handicap future project, budget and capacity planning.

How Scheduling Software Reduces Cloud Costs

In many circumstances, off-the-shelf scheduling software is the most cost-effective way to reduce cloud costs – and then optimize them. Scheduling software works by conducting a discovery of your resources deployed on AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Compute Engine, and making recommendations about which are suitable for scheduling based on the names and tags assigned to them. System administrators then get a choice of which resources to schedule and for when.

Although different on/off times can be scheduled for different resources, if you were to apply a business-wide schedule for your development, testing and staging resources, so that they were automatically switched off between 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. and at weekends, you would save almost 65% of the cost of deploying non-production resources in the cloud. You could increase your savings by applying an “always off” schedule and snoozing the schedule when access to the resources is required.

How to Optimize Cloud Costs with ParkMyCloud

As mentioned above, cloud cost reduction is not the same as cloud cost optimization. ParkMyCloud´s scheduling software has been designed with cloud cost optimization in mind and provides system administrators with a single-view dashboard of all their accounts. The total visibility offered by the dashboard enables administrators to identify unused and underused resources, monitor the times at which resources are scheduled to be switched off and how much money each schedule is saving.

This degree of visibility provides total control and accountability over your cloud accounts. It can prevent the unjustified deployment of additional resources and deliver the governance required to provide accurate data for future project, budget and capacity planning. With ParkMyCloud you not only reduce cloud costs, but you have the tools to help you find the right balance between cost and performance and then maintain it.

Optimize Your Cloud Costs with ParkMyCloud for Free

If you are trying to find a path to long-term cloud cost optimization, we invite you to take a free trial of ParkMyCloud in order that you can evaluate our scheduling software and the governance it provides in your own environment. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, simply click any “Try it Free” button. No credit card is required, nor are there any contracts to sign. Furthermore, you will be under no obligation to continue using our lightweight platform at the end of your trial.

However, if you find the higher levels of visibility, accountability and governance are what you need to achieve cloud cost optimization, we offer a competitive range of subscription options that typically pay for themselves within two months. Alternatively, you can continue using a feature-limited version of ParkMyCloud free of charge – indefinitely – that will reduce your cloud computing bill, but that does provide the same level of governance – the choice is yours.

If you have any questions about ParkMyCloud, or how to optimize cloud costs using our platform, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our team of friendly and experienced Customer Support Representatives will be happy to guide you through the features of ParkMyCloud and explain how each can help you achieve cloud cost optimization. Whatever you save during your free trial is yours to keep, so start your free trial or contact us today.