How to Turn AWS Utilization Data into Automated Cost Control

WATCH this webinar replay: join AWS, Sysco, and ParkMyCloud to learn how your AWS utilization data in CloudWatch can be harnessed to optimize your cloud costs.

Most organizations using public cloud are wasting thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on cloud resources they’re not actually using. Even if you’re aware of overspend, you may not think you have the time or bandwidth to address the issue. With automation, integrating cost control into your daily processes can be straightforward.

Sysco Foods has more than 500 cloud users across 50 teams throughout the company and the globe, all using AWS infrastructure to power their business units. Hear from Kurt Brochu, Senior Manager of Cloud Enablement, about how they’ve achieved a lifetime ROI of 1400% using ParkMyCloud. AWS data and ParkMyCloud’s automation capabilities empower his users to identify what spend is necessary, and what can be optimized. 

You will learn:
* What Amazon CloudWatch and AWS Trusted Advisor data is available that can help you save money
* Real-world examples of cost savings
* Potential data availability challenges and “gotchas” and how to address them
* How ParkMyCloud’s automated cost optimization platform can use your utilization data to optimize costs

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