The Cost-Effective Way to Cut an AWS Bill

The most frequently-suggested way to cut an AWS bill is to switch off non-production instances when you are not using them, and several options are available to achieve this aim. You could, for example, instruct your developers to manually switch off their development, staging and testing instances when they have finished using them; or – to automate the process – reassign them from their core projects to write scheduling scripts.

Writing scheduling scripts is justifiable under some circumstances, depending on the number of non-production resources you have deployed in the cloud and what schedules you want to apply to them. For example, if you only use a handful of development, staging and testing instances, and you wanted to assign them the same schedules, scheduling scripts could be the answer. For companies with larger development teams and irregular working patterns there is a more cost-effective solution.

Using Scheduling Software to Cut an AWS Bill

Using scheduling software is more cost-effective than scheduling scripts because the schedules can be applied and adjusted faster, the schedules can be more flexible, and because scheduling software gives you the governance you need to make sure when you cut an AWS bill, it stays cut. Stand-alone scheduling software – rather than scheduling software that is bundled into a cloud management solution – is also much less expensive than paying developers to write and maintain scheduling scripts.

One of the primary benefits of scheduling software is that the software identifies which non-production instances are suitable for scheduling. It does this by conducting a permissions-limited discovery of your AWS account and displaying the results across a single-view dashboard. Alongside each instance suitable for scheduling, the software displays an icon. System administrators only have to click on the icon in order to access a selection of preconfigured schedules and choose which is the most appropriate.

If none of the preconfigured schedules are appropriate, system administrators can create new schedules and apply them to individual instances or groups of instances as necessary. The schedules can be interrupted with the click of a mouse whenever access to switched-off instances is required, and safeguards exist to reactivate the schedules after a period of inactivity – just in case developers forget. In this respect, scheduling software is a foolproof way to cut an AWS bill.

Maintaining a Lower AWS Bill with ParkMyCloud

Using scheduling software to cut an AWS bill is just the first stage of cloud cost optimization. Once the cuts have been made, they need to be maintained. With this in mind, ParkMyCloud´s scheduling software has been designed to increase accountability and the governance of your AWS accounts by including features such as Role-Based Access Controls and audit logs so that administrators can monitor any new deployments or re-provisioning of existing resources.

ParkMyCloud´s single-view dashboard has also been designed to give system administrators total visibility of the company´s AWS account. Due to having total visibility, it will be easier to identify underused or unused resources that can be right-sized or terminated as necessary. It will also be possible to better assign auto-scaling groups and see resources that could be placed into a more-cost-effective pricing plans – further helping to cut an AWS bill.

ParkMyCloud has every tool you will need to cut an AWS bill and keep it cut. The fully-enabled version of our scheduling software supports an unlimited number of schedules, API access, single sign-on, database parking and administrator notifications if a user attempts to set a schedule or access a resource beyond the parameters of the policy engine. If you use multiple cloud accounts, you can also use ParkMyCloud to cut your cloud bills on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Engine.

Find Out by How Much You Could Cut Your AWS Bill

If you would like to know by how much you could cut your AWS bill, you are invited to contact us and request a free trial of ParkMyCloud. Our free trial gives you the opportunity to apply and adjust “parking” schedules quickly and easily to find the optimum settings for your specific needs and, as the ParkMyCloud GUI displays the projected savings over the next thirty days as each schedule is confirmed, all the guesswork is taken out of how much you could cut your AWS bill by.

To find out more about this opportunity, do not hesitate to get in touch with our industry-leading Customer Support team. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you have about using ParkMyCloud to cut an AWS bill and guide you through the registration process to start your free trial. Please note, whatever you save during the free trial is yours to keep, so you have nothing to lose and only a reduction in your AWS bill to gain when you contact us today.