Cut a Cloud Bill the Easier Way

When you search the Internet for ways to cut a cloud bill, there are quite a few suggestions that are a waste of time and money. One of the more common pieces of bad advice is to spend hours sorting through your cloud resources to see how they could be better provisioned. One can only imagine the providers of this advice keep the company of DevOps who fail to select the most appropriate types, regions and pricing plans when first deploying their resources.

A more reasonable piece of advice is to switch off non-production resources when they are not needed. This would certainly cut a cloud bill, depending on how you go about it. Asking developers to switch off non-production resources when they have finished using them is hardly a foolproof solution to cut a cloud bill, and reassigning developers to write scheduling scripts could cost you more than you save depending on the volume of resources you have in the cloud and the number of schedules required.

An easier, more reliable and cost-effective way to cut a cloud bill is to use scheduling software. Scheduling software automates the manual process of switching non-production resources off and on again, the schedules can be applied and adjusted much quicker than writing scheduling scripts, and the process will not distract developers from working on their core projects. Depending on how much you pay your developers, the net savings delivered by scheduling software can be far greater too.

How to Cut a Cloud Bill with Scheduling Software

Everything about cutting a cloud bill with scheduling software is easy – the software can even tell you which resources to schedule. It does this by conducting a discovery of the company´s cloud-based resources via a permissions-limited credential. The software lists the resources across a single-view dashboard and, alongside each resource suitable for scheduling, is a small icon. System administrators click on the icon to be taken to the scheduling element of the software, where they can choose to apply a preconfigured schedule or create a new one to suit the company´s requirements.

As soon as each schedule is confirmed, a figure appears on the dashboard indicating the projected savings over the next thirty days. If system administrators want to cut a cloud bill by more than the projected savings, they have the option of amending each schedule until the required savings are achieved. Based on a typical “off” schedule of 7.00 p.m. in the evening until 7.00 a.m. in the morning – and “off” at weekends – a company will cut their cloud bill for non-production resources by almost 65%. For companies operating teams with irregular working patterns, the savings can be much greater.

One of the choices among the selection of preconfigured schedules is an “Always Off” schedule. As with all the schedules, this schedule can be interrupted with the click of a mouse whenever access to a switched off resource is required. Safeguards exist to reactivate the schedule following a period of inactivity to overcome developer forgetfulness and, in appropriate circumstances, system administrators could switch off all their non-production instances to maximize how much they save.

Keeping a Cloud Bill Cut with ParkMyCloud

Although scheduling software is an easier, more reliable and cost-effective way to cut a cloud bill, it is important companies keep their cloud bill cut and do not allow bad practices to creep in. For this reason, ParkMyCloud´s scheduling software has been developed with tools in place to help improve developer accountability by enhancing governance. These tools include audit logs which report on who has done what, how and when, and Role-Based Access Controls to monitor cloud activities.

The single-view dashboard across which the company´s resources are displayed can also help improve accountability and governance. With total visibility of the company´s cloud-deployed resources, system administrators can quickly identify any resources that could be better provisioned and unused instances that are no longer required. System administrators can also see the savings achieved by each individual schedule, user, team or credential to help keep control over cloud bills.

If you would like to see how easy it is to cut a cloud bill and keep it cut with ParkMyCloud, you are invited to take advantage of a free trial of our scheduling software. The trial consist of a fully-enabled version of our lightweight app, using which you will be able to cut your cloud bill for resources deployed on AWS, Azure and GCE. To start your free trial, click any “Try It Free” button on this page, or contact us with any questions you have about how ParkMyCloud can help cut a cloud bill and keep it cut.