DevOps Cost Control with Atlassian

Atlassian provides many different products for many different software applications, and now many of the company´s products integrate seamlessly with ParkMyCloud´s scheduling software in order that system managers can use ParkMyCloud´s advanced reporting features to monitor DevOps cost control with Atlassian.

The key to managing DevOps cost control with Atlassian is using ParkMyCloud to schedule start-stop times for non-production instances typically used for developing, testing and staging. As ParkMyCloud customers already know, the parking schedules can be snoozed at any time to allow access to parked instances when required.

Therefore, DevOps can deploy code to a server without having to keep instances running 24/7 by logging into their Bamboo account and snoozing the parking schedule for the instance(s) they want to use. Once access is no longer required, the instance(s) can be returned to their dormant state with the click of a button. Alternatively, the parking schedule will restart automatically after a period of inactivity.

DevOps Cost Control with Atlassian on AWS

One of the most recent Atlassian products to be released is Stride – a chat application similar to Slack that integrates with Atlassian´s other products to enhance team communication. Stride also integrates with ParkMyCloud´s new chatbot, allowing system managers to assign parking schedules, snooze parking schedules and switch AWS instances on and off as required.

Stride is a great way to manage DevOps cost control with Atlassian on AWS, as system managers have total visibility of their AWS accounts through the ParkMyCloud app, and can see which parking schedules are assigned to which teams, which credentials and which users. They can also see how much each parking schedule is saving and query those which are not saving as much as they should be.

The level of governance and accountability provided by ParkMyCloud works well with Stride. System managers can communicate with individual teams over their spending, while the reports created via ParkMyCloud are delivered directly into a dedicated Stride channel. You can find out more about integrating Stride with ParkMyCloud on AWS by speaking with our Customer Service Team.

DevOps Cost Control with Atlassian on Azure

DevOps cost control with Atlassian on Azure is equally as simple. It only takes one click to deploy Atlassian to Azure App Service, from where system managers can perform exactly the same tasks as on AWS. Without having to access ParkMyCloud´s GUI, system administrators can get total vision over all the VMs deployed on Azure and apply parking schedules to those recommended by our app.

If you are unfamiliar with ParkMyCloud, our app is able to make recommendations about which VMs are suitable for parking after having conducted a discovery of the business´s resource deployed on Microsoft Azure. In order to do this system managers have to create a permissions-limited role for ParkMyCloud – a straightforward task that only takes seconds to complete.

Thereafter, system managers can choose from a preconfigured selection of parking schedules, or create schedules of their own. The VMs do not all have to be given the same parking schedule. They can be divided into groups or assigned parking schedules individually depending on the requirements of the business or each individual development team.

DevOps Cost Control with Atlassian on Google Cloud

Using ParkMyCloud for DevOps cost control with Atlassian on Google Cloud makes for easier project sharing, collaboration and messaging. Messages can be posted to inform team members of changes to parking schedules, when VMs are about to be switched off automatically, or to request/permit authorization to snooze a parking schedule when access to a parked VM is required.

System administrators can also use ParkMyCloud´s integration with Atlassian to identify unused VMs and terminate them. Often VMs are deployed enthusiastically during the early stages of cloud adoption, and unused VMs – or underused VMs – create unnecessary costs for businesses. This additional benefit of ParkMyCloud can save businesses much more than the 65% average saving we often quote.

If your business uses Atlassian tools on your projects, and you would like to manage DevOps cost control on Google Cloud – or Aws or MS Azure – try ParkMyCloud for free. Simply click on the “Try it Free” button at the top of the page, and follow the simple instructions. For more information about ParkMyCloud before starting your free trial, or to access the API token for our chatbot, do not hesitate to contact us.