DevOps Cost Control with Slack

Organizations that are utilizing DevOps principles are increasingly utilizing ChatOps to manipulate their environments and provide a self-service platform to access the servers and databases they require for their work.

Since ParkMyCloud launched the chatbot for Slack in October of 2017, businesses can use our scheduling software for DevOps cost control with Slack communication without having to access the GUI. The chatbot for Slack can be set up to interact with a ParkMyCloud account to assign parking schedules, temporarily snooze parking schedules, or toggle instances and VMs to switch on or off as required.

The development of our chatbot enables system administrators to manage DevOps cost control with Slack and still maintain total visibility of the business´s cloud accounts. Due to having total visibility, system administrators can monitor cost control initiatives from their usual Slack chat channels to reduce cloud waste and increase accountability through better communication.

Manage Cloud Cost Control from Slack Channels 

Slack, combined with notifications from ParkMyCloud, will give you full visibility into your cost control initiatives right from your Slack channels. Notifications allow you to have ParkMyCloud post messages for things like schedule changes or instances that are being turned off automatically.

And, with the ParkMyCloud Slack messaging, you can reply back to those notifications to:

  • Snooze the schedule
  • Turn a system back on temporarily
  • Assign a new schedule.

This video you’ll see how ParkMyCloud’s cost optimization platform makes it easy to automate savings – and how you can integrate Slack right into your daily processes.


DevOps Cost Control with Slack on AWS

The process for managing DevOps cost control with the Slack bot on AWS is exactly the same as before. System administrators create a permissions-limited role for the ParkMyCloud app and allow it to conduct a discovery of the business´s instances deployed on AWS. Once the discovery is completed, system administrators are prompted to select which instances they would like to apply parking schedules to.

The selection of which instances to park is made easier by the app making recommendations based on the resource utilization history. Users can create policies to apply schedules based on names, tags, and teams. For example, you may choose to apply a schedule that parks resources nights and weekends to everything on the “dev” team. 

Another major way to save money on cloud services is with “rightsizing” from ParkMyCloud’s automation control platform. It analyzes utilization history and recommends which resources are oversized, allowing users to click to downsize them, thereby reducing the cost of the instance by  50% or more. 

System administrators can choose to apply one or more of the pre-configured schedules to the instance, after which ParkMyCloud displays the projected saving for each schedule over the next thirty days.

DevOps Cost Control with Slack on Azure

The same process works just as well on the Microsoft Azure, Azure Portal and Azure DevOps. Using ParkMyCloud for DevOps cost control with Slack on Azure means that messages can be posted for things like schedule changes and instances being turned off automatically. It can also be used to request authorization to override parking schedules when access to a parked VM is required – this last scenario may happen quite often. 

Many businesses are discovering the best way to maximize savings on Azure with ParkMyCloud is to permanently park infrequently-used VMs (i.e. schedule them to be switched off at all times), and then override the parking schedule when the VMs are needed. This is particularly handy for batch workloads started when DevOps leave the office.

DevOps Cost Control with Slack on Google Cloud

Whatever cloud platform businesses use, they still enjoy a high level of governance over their cloud deployment with ParkMyCloud. For example, when using ParkMyCloud for DevOps cost control with Slack on Google Cloud, system administrators can still see the cloud costs for each project and query anomalies with development teams via a dedicated team chat channel.

System administrators can also use ParkMyCloud to identify underused instances and reassign their workloads to a less expensive type. By automating start-stop times, rightsizing overprovisioned resources and scheduling idle resources to turn off based on utilization history, ParkMyCloud directly saves businesses approximately 65% of the cost of deploying non-production instances on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform – the increased accountability and indirect savings could be worth a lot more.

Control Cost Savings and More with Slack

With Slack teams, not only can you get rapid feedback from all of your tools and colleagues, but you can also use Slack to control your environment and workloads. ParkMyCloud can send notifications to your chat programs via Webhooks, and you can use Slack to send API calls back to ParkMyCloud. Get notified in your Slack channel about a system being shut down, then immediately respond in the channel to override the schedule and let your team know that you’ve got it taken care of.

Since the Slack messenger is open-source, you can feel free to modify the bot as necessary to fit your environment or use cases.  It’s written in Python using the slack client library, but even if you’re not a Python expert, you’ll find it easy to modify to suit your needs.

Try DevOps Cost Control with Slack and ParkMyCloud for Free

If your business uses Slack chat as one of its communication channels for your DevOps tools, and you would like to see the ease with which you can schedule start-stop times for non-production instances, take a free trial of ParkMyCloud by clicking the “Try it Free” button at the top of this page and then follow the chatbot installation instructions on our Github page.

Our trial offer enables enterprises to test the effectiveness and versatility of ParkMyCloud in your own environment with no credit card required, no contract to sign, and no commitment to continue with our software for managing cloud costs.

Here are a few more reasons why ParkMyCloud is used by more than 1,000 companies:

  • ParkMyCloud is a simple SaaS tool for automating parking schedules.
  • It works on all three leading Cloud Service Providers (AWS, Azure and GCP).
  • Our scheduling software recommends which instances are suitable for parking and resizing.
  • Parking schedules can be applied with the click of a mouse. No coding required.
  • Easy for users to be notified of actions and control those actions via web UI, Slack, or API
  • Secondary benefits included improved security, governance and accountability.
  • Try ParkMyCloud today for free and witness the easy way to effective cloud cost management.

You will need to speak with our Customer Services team in order to get the API token for Slack integration, and this will give you the opportunity to ask any questions you have about ParkMyCloud´s scheduling software. You are also invited to discuss any ideas you have about our chatbot with our developers. If you would like to know more about ParkMyCloud before starting your free trial, do not hesitate to contact us.