Why Continuous Cost Control is the Next Tool DevOps Needs

As a DevOps engineer at a FinTech company, Tosin found his resources stretched thin – so when his CTO approached him about a high AWS bill, he needed to find a quick, lightweight way to reduce costs.

Tosin used ParkMyCloud to automate scheduling and reduce his AWS bill by 30%, while governing user access, with minimal setup and maintenance time.


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How it Works

Reduce cloud costs: Stop paying for idle cloud resources

1. Connect

Create a ParkMyCloud account – no credit card required – and connect to your cloud provider.

2. Manage

Discover and manage all your resources on a single page, across cloud providers.

3. Park

Click to automatically “park” (stop) and start resources based on your working hours – or let SmartParking recommend schedules based on your usage patterns.

4 Principles of DevOps for Continuous Cloud Cost Control

 4 Principles of DevOps for Continuous Cloud Cost ControlThis whitepaper outlines methods that will help you eliminate cloud waste while maintaining continuous integration and continuous delivery.

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Recent News

ParkMyCloud Now Supports AWS GovCloud

Automated Cloud Cost Optimization Now Available for Public Sector Cloud Users on Amazon Web Services February 26, 2019 (Dulles, VA) -  ParkMyCloud, provider of the leading enterprise platform for continuous cost control in public cloud, announced today that it now...

Interview: Cofense uses ParkMyCloud for Multi-Cloud Cost Management

Cofense uses ParkMyCloud for multi-cloud cost management. We talked with Todd Morgan, Senior Systems Engineer, about how his team is using the platform to gain “sizable cost savings” at scale. Thank you for taking the time the speak with us. Can you tell us about...

ParkMyCloud Now Available on AWS Marketplace

ParkMyCloud’s SaaS Offering Available on AWS Marketplace, Providing Easy Adoption for AWS Customers December 18, 2018 (Dulles, VA) - ParkMyCloud, provider of a leading enterprise platform for continuous cost control in the cloud, announced today that it is now...

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