EC2 Cost Management

EC2 cost management software helps businesses using the AWS Elastic Cloud Compute platform keep development, testing, and staging budgets under control – and much more. The purpose of software for managing EC2 costs is usually to schedule on/off times for non-production instances. However, there are several more advantages for businesses that implement EC2 cost management software.

In addition to keeping budgets under control, software for managing EC2 costs provides a single view of all AWS accounts. This enables businesses to make informed decisions about future budgeting and how best to optimize their resources. Permission tiers can be created to allow developers to control the scheduling of their own instances, and to monitor activity within them.

The software also enhances security by making non-production instances inaccessible while they are switched off. Consequently there is no risk of hackers accessing the data or unauthorized logins. This eliminates the need for data to be monitored by network security personnel, or for unnecessary virus scans to be conducted while the instances are temporarily stopped.

How Software for Managing EC2 Costs Works

EC2 cost management software automates the manual act of logging into the AWS console to switch off each non-production instance during idle times, and switching it back on again when it is required. Using the software removes the human element that may result in instances being left on unnecessarily. It also removes the need for businesses to reassign resources for developing their own scheduling scripts.

In order to use the software for managing EC2 costs, you connect to your AWS service via the software using your IAM role or IAM user credentials. The software conducts a discovery of your EC2 instances and makes recommendations about which are most suitable for switching off during idle times based on the instances´ names and tags you have assigned them.

Thereafter, you select which instances you wish to include in your schedule, highlight the appropriate off times displayed on the UI, and click “schedule”. The UI will display the projected savings based on your schedule and give you the opportunity to adjust the schedule as necessary. Once the schedule is operating, businesses will start accumulating actual savings to match the projection.

The Financial Benefits of EC2 Cost Management Software

Depending on the number of non-production AWS instances you are able to schedule, the financial benefits of EC2 cost management software can be significant. Most development, testing, and staging instances can be temporarily stopped at weekends and between the hours of 6:00pm and 8:00am on weekdays – reducing AWS EC2 costs for non-production instances by more than 70%.

In order to maximize the financial benefits of EC2 cost management software, it is possible to schedule your non-production instances to be stopped by default, and simply snooze the schedule to start the instances whenever they are required. Meanwhile, all your production instances could be assigned to the AWS “Reserved Instances” pricing option if you are able to commit to a one-year or three-year contract.

This particular scenario was recently put into practice by one of our clients – Avid – who were able to reduce their AWS costs by $55,000 (you can read the case study here). However, software for managing EC2 costs is equally effective whether your business is a global audio and video technology company or a much smaller enterprise. Our EC2 cost management software – “ParkMyCloud” – was implemented by motorcycle app developer Wolfpack, who realized a 65% cost reduction on AWS EC2.

How to Optimize EC2 Spend with ParkMyCloud

In addition to managing EC2 costs by scheduling start/stop times for non-production instances, ParkMyCloud´s EC2 cost management software helps businesses optimize EC2 spend by identifying over-provisioned and zombie assets, making recommendations about which EC2 instances are suitable for Reserved Instance pricing and allowing administrators to create policies that alert them to cheaper storage options or under-provisioned instances if demand increases.

By creating operational governance policies, businesses optimize EC2 spend automatically. The policies can also be applied to security and incident management, access control, and application/data security. All of these elements help businesses reduce their cloud bills by reducing the amount of money spent on network security. So whereas ParkMyCloud is primarily EC2 cost management software to optimize EC2 spend, it has many other practical uses.

Try ParkMyCloud´s EC2 Cost Management Software for Free

Our Wolfpack case study concludes with a statement from the company´s CEO – Jonathan Chashper – that “there is literally no reason not to use ParkMyCloud”. This is especially true while we are giving business the opportunity to try our software for managing EC2 costs for free, evaluate it in their own environment, and then making an informed decision as to whether it is a worthwhile investment.

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